Ashtech ABX100

Ashtech ABX100

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The ABX100 has reached End of Life (EOL). Trimble has identified the ABX-Two as a suitable replacement product for the ABX100.



Ashtech’s ABX100 is one in a family of top-quality GNSS sensors designed for high-accuracy, real-time, general-purpose, absolute positioning uses. The unit comes in a compact, strong, light, weatherproof enclosure. It houses one GNSS MB100 board.

It enables system integrators and OEMS to include centimeter-level positioning in their applications. It is equipped with a power supply that supplements the input voltage range from 9 to 36 V DC. At the same time, it keeps low power consumption independent of the power input voltage.

The ABX100 is meant to be operated outdoors in inclement weather. A minimum of space is required for its installation. Its light weight makes it ideal for airborne uses, where weight is considered carefully.

This smart receiver is built around a single- or dual-frequency GLONASS/GPS/SBAS MB100 board, which is new on the market. It is equipped with the company’s Z-Blade technology, which provides high-quality performance. It is an economical choice for vector determination applications and DGPS/SBAS positioning.


  • Robust design for critical environments
  • Smart technology
  • Easy integration
  • Economical GNSS positioning and vector determination
  • UHF TRx built in for unified solution
  • Z-Blade technology for best productivity
  • Engine GNSS-centric
  • GLONASS only capability

Technical Specifications

Ports:2 RS232, 1 USB
Power consumption:2.1 Watts with one antenna; 2.4 Watts with two antennas
Size:190 mm W x 58 mm H x 160 mm D
Weight:1.225 kilograms
Operating temperature:Receiver: -30 degrees Celsius to +60 degrees Celsius
Protection:Vibration, shock, humidity


The ABX100 GNSS sensor from Ashtech is available through Canal Geomatics. If you have any question about this sensor, please send us an inquiry by filling in the Request Pricing form.

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