Ashtech ABX14

Ashtech ABX14

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This product has been discontinued and replaced by the ABX100.



Ashtech’s ABX14 is an economical sub-meter GPS plus Beacon plus SBAS receiver. It uses SBAS signals as well as a built-in beacon receiver to deliver differential sub-meter positions.

It is provided with 14 channels, 12 for GPS L1 code and carrier and 2 for SBAS. As an option, 2 beacon channels can be added.3D positioning and raw data up to 20 Hz assist real-time navigation and guidance. The unit outputs SBS differential corrections, ephemeris, and ranging. It offers User Defined Messages software so that users can customize messages.

ABX14 uses RAIM to find and correct satellite signal errors. It has Horizontal Protection Level for air-borne uses. Interference in- and out-of-band rejection is improved. It also handles RTK positioning with decimeter to centimeter precision. Moving base operations are supported and heading/pitch/roll computed.

Other highlights include WADGPS processing, which uses corrections from up to 24 base stations. Integrated Differential Optimization selects corrections from up to 7 sources. Multipath errors are removed by a Strobe Correlator.


  • GPS plus beacon plus SBAS receiver
  • Multipath mitigation with new Strobe Correlator
  • Moving base operation
  • Heading plus pitch/roll in relation to another device
  • User customized messages

Technical Specifications

Channels: 14, 2 for SBAS
Input voltage: Around 3.3V DC
Power consumption: 1.3 to 1.7 Watts
Size: 221 mm x 58 mm x 160 mm
Weight: 2 pounds 15 ounces
Operating temperature: -30 degrees Celsius to +60 degrees Celsius


The ABX14 receiver from Ashtech is available through Canal Geomatics. Please send us a message by completing the Request Pricing form if you have any question about this receiver.