Ashtech ABX800

Ashtech ABX800

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The ABX800 has reached End of Life (EOL). Trimble has identified the ABX-Two as a suitable replacement product for the ABX800.



Ashtech’s ABX800 is one in a series of professional GNSS sensors designed for absolute-accuracy, general-purpose, real-time positioning uses. The unit comes in a small, robust, lightweight, weatherproof case. It houses one GNSS MB800 board.

The ABX800 is built for easy integration into OEM applications where centimeter-level accuracy is required. It has a power supply that increases the input voltage range from 9 to 36 V DC. All the while, it retains low power consumption even though the amount of power input voltage may fluctuate.

The ABX800 is designed for operation in the field under unfriendly conditions. Due to the small footprint needed for installation and its light weight, the unit is well suited to airborne uses, where weight is at a premium.

This smart receiver has at its core a single- or dual-frequency GLONASS/GPS/SBAS MB800 board, recently introduced to the market. It is equipped with AshTech’s Z-Blade technology, which accounts for its high-quality performance. The ABX800 is low-cost choice for heading plus pitch/roll applications and DGPS/SBAS positioning.


  • Robust design for critical environments
  • Smart technology
  • Easy integration
  • Economical GNSS positioning and vector determination
  • UHF TRx built in for unified solution
  • Z-Blade technology for best productivity
  • Engine GNSS-centric
  • GLONASS only capability

Technical Specifications

Channels: 120
Ports: 3 RS232, 1 USB
Power consumption: 6.5 Watts with 1-W UHF radio
Size: 190 mm W x 58 mm H x 160 mm D
Weight: 1.225 kilograms
Operating temperature: Receiver: -30 degrees Celsius to +60 degrees Celsius
Protection: Vibration, shock, humidity


The ABX800 GNSS sensor from Ashtech is available through Canal Geomatics. If you have any question about this sensor, please send us an inquiry by filling in the Request Pricing form.