Ashtech ABX802

Ashtech ABX802

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The ABX802 has reached End of Life (EOL). Trimble has identified the ABX-Two a suitable replacement product for the ABX802.



The ADX802 is a new, compact, robust, intelligent GNSS sensor by Ashtech. It contains a dual-board solution for heading for relative positioning via RTX technology. It is integrated on two MB800 GNSS boards. A Micro XDL UHF TRx transceiver from Pacific Crest can be built-in optionally.

By using this unit, system integrators and OEMs are able to include in their equipment centimeter-level positioning. Construction is drop-in simple, because the ADX802 is surrounded with an aluminum case with attaching brackets. While the voltage ranges from 9 to 36VDC, the device continually draws the least power possible.

Water- and dustproof, ADX802 is certified to the IP67 standard. Its vibration and shock protection is compliant with the military standard 810F. As a result, it is capable of working reliably in the field or on water under rough weather conditions. Being compact and lightweight, it is especially suitable for aviation applications, where weight limits are crucial. Being a “plug-and-play” device, it is appropriate for mobile navigation and positioning solutions, where flexibility and precision are required.


  • Rugged and compact design
  • Suitable for rough environments
  • Simple integration
  • Heading as well as pitch/roll data
  • Low-cost GNSS positioning
  • Z-Blade software for maximum productivity

Technical Specifications

Antenna connectors:Up to 3 UHF and GNSS 1/2 TNC
Raw data real time:Maximum 20 Hz
Output:Heading and position information
Number of ports:3 RS232 (optional UHF uses one port)
Size:190 mm L x 58 mm W x 160 mm H
Weight:1.225 kilograms
Operating temperature:-30 C to +60 C
Protection:Shock, vibration


The Ashtech ADX802 can be ordered from Canal Geomatics. If you have any question about this sensor, please do not hesitate to contact us using the Request Pricing form.

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