Ekinox2-A Attitude and Heading Reference System

SBG Ekinox2-A: Attitude and Heading Reference System

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The Ekinox2-A Attitude & Heading Reference System from SBG Systems combines high end accelerometers and gyroscopes to provide pitch, roll, heave and heading.



The Ekinox2-A AHRS uses high end MEMS combined with powerful algorithm design and advanced calibration procedures to deliver a robust product that is both cost-effective and maintenance free.

This makes the product a powerful solution for many applications including buoys, ship motion monitoring, sonar, ROV, camera motion compensation and LiDAR. Heading and enhanced heave is calculated based on speed and position computations, even during turns by using Dual Antenna GPS inputs.

The Ekinox2-A has low latency, high output rate and a very low noise on Euler Angles, making it an excellent alternative to FOG technology for mobile land equipment stabilization and orientation. Typical land applications include gyro stabilized camera and targeting systems.

Rated to IP68 and being temperature calibrated from -40 °C to 75 °C, this AHRS can easily withstand harsh environments, and will deliver precision even in high vibrating conditions.


  • Unmatched Performance / Price / Size ratio
  • Powerful Software Development Kit (SDK) makes integrating the unit in your system a breeze
  • A SplitBox provides simplified connection with external equipment
  • Ideal for embedded equipment stabilization and orientation

Technical Specifications

Supply voltage:9 to 36V DC
Power consumption:< 3W
Dimensions:10 cm (L) x 8.6 cm (W) x 5.8 cm (H)
3.9 inches (L) x 3.4 inches (W) x 2.2 inches (H)
Weight:400 grams
0.88 lbs
MTBF:50,000 hours
Operating temperature:-40 °C to 75 °C / -40 °F to 167 °F
IP RatingIP68
Accelerometers:A2, A3
Random walk:A2 – 7 µg/√Hz
A3 – 30 µg/√Hz
Gyroscopes – 0.14° /√h
Measurement range:A2 – 8 g
A3 – 14 g
Gyroscopes – 300° /s
Bias in-run instability:A2 – 2 µg
A3 – 5 µg
Gyroscopes – < 0.5° /hour


The Ekinox2-A AHRS from SBG Systems is available through Canal Geomatics. If you would like more information about this product, please contact us using the Request Pricing form.