GPS Networking – ATTENPDC GPS Attenuator Pass DC

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The XXATTENPDC GPS Attenuator from GPS Networking is designed specifically for the GPS L1/L2 and GLONASS carrier frequencies. The XXATTENPDC lowers the RF level of the GPS signal by the value of XX (dB) which is designated by the customer.



The XXATTENPDC GPS Fixed Attenuator (GNSS Attenuator) is a one input, one output device that can be specified with a fixed attenuation value between 0 – 20dB in a miniaturized housing. The frequency response covers the GPS L1, L2, L5, Galileo and GLONASS frequencies (entire L-band) with excellent flatness.

In the normal configuration, the RF output (J1) passes DC from the connected GPS receiver through the amplifier to the antenna, allowing the GPS receiver to power both the antenna and the mini amplifier.


  • A Range of Fixed Attenuation Values Available
    1dB ≥ATTEN ≥20dB
  • Small Form Factor
    2.5 (not including connectors) x 0.75 x 0.875 in.
  • Excellent Flatness
    Gain | L1 – L2 | < 1.0 dB
  • Low SWR < 1.5dB typical


The ATTENPDC pass DC GPS attenuator from GPS Networking is available through Canal Geomatics. For more information, please contact us using the Request Pricing form.