HNRRKIT GPS Re-Radiating Kit

GPS Networking – HNRRKIT Hangar Network Re-Radiating Kit

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The HNRRKIT from GPS Networking is a complete re-radiating system to allow you to re-radiate the GPS L1 carrier signal indoors. The HNRRKIT consists of a roof antenna, a plug-in re-radiating amplifier and a re-radiating antenna.



The Hangar GPS RE-RADIATING KIT (HNRRKIT) is a complete re-radiating system that allows reradiation of the GPS L1 signal indoors. The HNRRKIT consists of an active roof antenna, a re-radiating amplifier with a wall mount plug-in transformer that powers the entire system, and a passive re-radiating antenna. The GPS L1 signal from the roof antenna is amplified and radiated indoors. Thus, if a receiver has line of sight with the re-radiating antenna, it can receive the GPS signal indoors up to 100 feet away.


  • Amplified Roof Antenna
    Gain ≥35dB
  • Re-Radiating Amplifier with Power Supply
    Typical Gain 30dB
  • Optional Mounting Kit Hardware
    Roof Antenna Mount & Re-Radiating Amp Mount
  • Variable Gain Option
    Re-Radiating Amp Gain Varies from 0 to +23 dB


The HNRRKIT hangar network re-radiating kit from GPS Networking is available through Canal Geomatics. For more information, please contact us using the Request Pricing form.