GPS Networking - L1FPDC L1 GPS Filter (Pass DC)

GPS Networking – L1FPDC L1 GPS Filter (Pass DC)

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The L1FPDC GPS passband filter is designed specifically for the GPS L1 carrier frequency. The L1FPDC lowers the out of band noise and interference by 20dB. The DC voltage is then passed to the intended GPS antenna or source. All filters are available with N-type, SMA, BNC or TNC connectors.



The L1FPDC is a one input, one output RF device that provides additional GPS L1 filtering from a GPS Antenna. The frequency response covers L1 centered at 1575MHz. In the normal configuration, the RF output (J1) passes DC from the connected GPS receiver through the input port to the antenna,

allowing the GPS receiver to power the antenna.


  • Passes GPS L1 Frequency
  • Excellent Passband Ripple

    L1/L2 Ripple < 1.0 dB