LNFA1X4 GPS Splitter

GPS Networking – LNFA1X4 GPS Active Antenna Splitter 1X4

The LNFA1X4 from GPS Networking is a low noise, filtered, amplified 1X4 GPS antenna splitter that was originally designed to satisfy AT&T Wireless requirements.



The LNFA1X4 Low Noise Filtered Amplified GPS Splitter is a one input, four output device with 0dB nominal gain. The device features a low noise input section to establish an overall system noise figure. Excellent port-to-port isolation and unity gain are achieved by padded outputs. The device features excellent frequency selectivity around the L1 band to prevent interference from other high power radio frequency sources, such as cellular transmitter stations.

The LNFA1X4 device will power itself and an external GPS antenna from a 5.0 VDC source connected on any of the RF Outputs. A “hunt-and-pick” circuit is used to select only one DC input for power in the event that more than one source is connected. Remaining DC inputs are switched to a 200Ω resistor to simulate antenna current draw.


  • Unity Gain
    0 ± 1dB
  • High Isolation Outputs
    > 45 dB Port-to-Port Isolation
  • Low Noise Figure
    < 4 dB


The LNFA1X4 active GPS antenna splitter from GPS Networking is available through Canal Geomatics. For more information, please contact us using the Request Pricing form.

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