GPS Networking - VATTENPDC GPS Variable Attenuator

GPS Networking – VATTENPDC GPS Variable Attenuator

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The VATTENPDC GPS ATTENUATOR is designed specifically for the GPS L1, L2 and GLONASS carrier frequencies.



The VATTENPDC GPS RF Active Variable Attenuator is a one input, one output device with variable attenuation range from 1dB to 25dB, user selected. The device is available in a miniaturized housing.

The frequency response covers the GPS L1/L2 and GLONASS bands with excellent flatness. In the Pass DC configuration, the RF output (J1) will pass DC from the connected GPS receiver to power the active variable attenuator and then pass the DC through the attenuator input onto the antenna.


  • Variable Attenuation Range from 0-25dB

    1dB ≥ ATTEN ≥ 25dB

  • Small Form Factor

    2.5 (not including connectors) x 0.75 x 0.875 in.

  • Passes DC Antenna Voltage