NovAtel ALIGN Firmware

NovAtel ALIGN Firmware

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ALIGN Firmware from NovAtel provides high precision attitude and accurate relative positioning information between two or more receivers in dynamic land, air and marine applications.



The NovAtel ALIGN firmware utilizes multiple receivers to produce accurate heading and relative positioning solution for dynamic application, including applications that are used in aviation and marine. ALIGN can track GLONASS, GPS and SBAS signals. Having access to multiple constellations increases the system’s availability and accuracy.

The ALIGN firmware supports plug-and-play, which allows it to create an ALIGN system quickly. Furthermore, connecting several ALIGN receivers together to form a network will allow all receivers in the network to be aware of each other.

The ALIGN firmware is available in two models.


  • Track GPS, GLONASS L1 signal
  • Support SBAS corrections
  • Deliver accurate pitch and heading information
  • Support Plug-and-play
  • Support SPAN INS functionality
  • Increased availability
  • Multiple ALIGN receivers can be networked together
  • Easy setup and configuration
  • Output rate of up to 20Hz on NovAtel’s OEMV and OEM6 platforms


ALIGN Heading

The ALIGN Heading model produces accurate and real-time heading and pitch information between 2 receivers.

ALIGN Relative Positioning

The ALIGN Relative Positioning model produces accurate heading, pitch, as well as relative positioning and distance between multiple receivers.


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