NovAtel Correct with DGNSS


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In addition to RTK, PPP and SBAS correction data, NovAtel CORRECT can utilize corrections generated by DGNSS.



With DGNSS, the position of a fixed GNSS receiver, referred to as a base station, is determined to a high degree of accuracy using conventional surveying techniques. Then, the base station determines ranges to the GNSS satellites in view using a code-based positioning technique and the location of the satellites determined from the precisely known orbit ephemerides and satellite time.

The base station compares the surveyed position to the position calculated from the satellite ranges. Differences between the positions can be attributed to satellite ephemeris and clock errors, but mostly to errors associated with atmospheric delay. The base station sends these errors to other receivers (rovers), which incorporate the corrections into their position calculations.

Technical Specifications

Hardware requirements: Rover required plus GNSS base station and/or communication link to base station.
Solution accuracy (RMS): 40 cm
Solution availability: Within range of DGNSS base station and communication link – up to 100 km.
NovAtel products supported: All OEM7, OEM6 and OEMStar receivers.
Convergence time: No initial convergence period. Instantaneous re-convergence.


NovAtel CORRECT with DGNSS is available through Canal Geomatics. If you would like to learn more about this service, please use the Request Pricing form to get in touch with us.