NovAtel Correct with SBAS


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In addition to RTK, PPP and DGNSS correction data, NovAtel CORRECT can utilize corrections generated by SBAS.



SBAS systems are geosynchronous satellite systems that provide services for improving the accuracy, integrity and availability of basic GNSS signals. Positioning accuracy is enhanced through the transmission of wide-area corrections for GNSS range errors. Integrity is enhanced by the quick detection of satellite signal errors and the sending of alerts to receivers that they should not track the failed satellite. Signal availability can be improved if the SBAS transmits ranging signals from its satellites.

A SBAS includes reference stations, master stations, uplink stations and geosynchronous satellites.

Reference stations, which are geographically distributed throughout the SBAS service area, receive GNSS signals and forward them to the master station. Since the locations of the reference stations are accurately known, the master station can accurately calculate wide-area corrections. Corrections are uplinked to the SBAS satellite then broadcast to the GNSS receivers throughout the SBAS coverage area. User equipment receives the corrections and applies them to range calculations.

Technical Specifications

Hardware requirements: Rover only. No additional hardware required. Utilizes any available SBAS signal.
Solution accuracy (RMS): 60 cm
Solution availability: SBAS dependent
NovAtel products supported: All OEM7, OEM6 and OEMStar receivers.
Convergence time: No initial convergence period. Instantaneous re-convergence.


NovAtel CORRECT with SBAS is available through Canal Geomatics. If you would like to learn more about this service, please use the Request Pricing form to get in touch with us.