NovAtel CORRECT with PPP

NovAtel CORRECT with PPP

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NovAtel CORRECT with PPP utilizes TerraStar's premium correction data delivery to provide solutions with high accuracy and instant re-convergence in challenging conditions. The corrections are delivered over L-Band directly to your NovAtel receiver without the need for additional base station infrastructure.



NovAtel CORRECT with PPP combines GNSS satellite clock and orbit correction data from TerraStar’s global reference station network with NovAtel’s OEM7 receiver algorithms to yield robust positioning without the need for nearby base stations.

Correction data provided by TerraStar is delivered to the end user via satellite. With TerraStar satellites visible globally, NovAtel CORRECT with PPP is an ideal solution for precision applications where communications infrastructure is either unreliable or not available. In addition, applications where signal interruptions are common will benefit from a more robust positioning solution with the ability to quickly regain full accuracy following a temporary loss of GNSS signals.


  • Rapid re-convergence after GNSS outages
  • Maintains decimetre solution through correction outages of up to 5 mins
  • Decimetre to sub-decimetre solutions available for any application
  • End-to-end NovAtel single source solution including hardware, services and support


  • Seemless integration with other NovAtel CORRECT positioning modes
  • Reliable positioning even in difficult environments
  • Simplifies equipment needs by eliminating base station
  • Sole source for GNSS hardware and corrections

Technical Specifications

Hardware requirements:Rover only. No additional hardware required. Utilizes TerraStar corrections.
Solution accuracy (RMS):TerraStar-C: 4 cm
TerraStar-L: 40 cm
Solution availability:Global
NovAtel products supported:All OEM7, OEM628, OEM638 and SMART6-L GNSS receivers
Convergence time:TerraStar-C: initial convergence to full accuracy 30-45 minutes.
TerraStar-L: convergence to 40 cm in < 5 minutes.
Re-convergence < 1 minute


NovAtel CORRECT with PPP is available through Canal Geomatics. If you would like to learn more about this service, please use the Request Pricing form to get in touch with us.

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