NovAtel G3Ant-4AT1 Mini-ARINC GNSS Antenna

NovAtel G3Ant-4AT1 Mini-ARINC GNSS Antenna

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The NovAtel G3Ant-42A4T1 is a multi-frequency active GNSS antenna with a mini-ARINC footprint for GPS/GLONASS L1 and Galileo E1.



The NovAtel G3Ant-4AT1 mini-ARINC GNSS antenna is part of the G3Ant-42XXX product family of multi-frequency GNSS antennas. This Antcom “G3” antenna operates in three frequency bands and includes support for GLONASS L1, GPS L1 and L-Band. The baseplate is designed to be compatible with ARINC 743 mounting hole and footprint requirements. An O-ring seal between the antenna and your platform ensures easy installation.

The product family is offered in passive and active (amplified) configurations. The active configurations offer 2-stage integrated bandpass filtering for high out-of-band rejection and limiter diodes to protect sensitive receiver electronics. The passive configurations are best suited for applications where the antenna is located close to the GNSS receiver. It offers the lowest insertion loss for minimizing the noise figure of your system.


  • Easy design into new platforms or retrofit into existing platforms
  • Multi-frequency GNSS coverage to support precision applications


  • Multi-frequency, multi-constellation connectivity for assured GNSS reception
  • ARINC 743 compatible mounting holes and footprint
  • Passive or active (amplified) configurations available
  • DC power input through RF connector
  • Connector options available
  • Paint color options available

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range (L-Band):1545 – 1610 MHz
Frequency Range (B1 BeiDou):1561.098 ± 10 MHz
Frequency Range (L1 GPS):1575.42 ± 12 MHz
Frequency Range (E1 Galileo):1575.42 ± 17 MHz
Frequency Range (L1 GLONASS):1609 ± 7.0MHz
Impedance:50 ohms
Mechnical & Environmental
Weight:8.2 oz
Temperature:-55 °C to +85 °C
Altitude:70,000 ft
Vibration:>30 Grms
Typical LNA Performance
LNA Noise Figure:3.5 dB
LNA P1dB Out:+13 dBm
LNA DC Power:(3.8 – 15) V < 70 mA
Limiting & Filtering
Power Handling:1 Watt CW


The G3Ant-4AT1 mini-ARINC GNSS antenna from NovAtel is available through Canal Geomatics. If you would like more information about this product, please feel free to get in touch with us by completing the Request Pricing form.