NovAtel GL1DE Firmware

NovAtel GLIDE Firmware

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The NovAtel GLIDE firmware offers a smoothing algorithm for repeatable pass-to-pass accuracy.



The NovAtel GLIDE firmware provides excellent pass-to-pass functionality for a wide range of applications, especially applications that require precise relative positioning information. This includes applications for agricultural guidance. The GLIDE firmware offers precision of 50 cm or more without the need of correction services.

With the GLIDE firmware, users experience fewer positioning jumps and position differences of less than 1cm between epochs.

The GLIDE firmware is available in two models.


  • Can track either GPS+GLONASS or GPS only
  • Support single-frequency and dual-frequency
  • Support both static and dynamic modes
  • Switch between modes automatically
  • Excellent pass-to-pass functionality
  • Works in multiple code positioning modes



The single-frequency model of the GLIDE firmware tracks L1 signals. It integrates phase data with the L1 signals to deliver a continuous positioning solution. This solution is ideal for agricultural applications.


The dual-frequency model enhances the precision of the position and offers a solution that is resistant to interferences caused by ionospheric acitivity. The dual-frequency model supports code positioning modes such as DGNSS, single point, L-Band and SBAS.


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