NovAtel OEM628 GNSS Receiver with SPAN

NovAtel OEM628 GNSS Receiver with SPAN

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The OEM628 with SPAN is nearing End of Life (EOL).

This product is available for order until September 29, 2017, but NovAtel will be replacing the OEM628 with SPAN with the OEM729.



The NovAtel OEM628 with SPAN GNSS Receiver supports dual-frequency as well as L-Band. It tracks all current GNSS constellations such as GLONASS and GPS, as well as future constellations such as Galileo GIOVE-A and B, Compass and GPS L5.

The OEM628 with SPAN can be integrated easily. Its physical design allows for backward compatible drop-in replacement fit. The Synchronous Position, Attitude and Navigation (SPAN) technology integrates the GNSS technology with the Inertial Navigation Systems to deliver continuous and precise 3D results during brief periods of signal interruption.

Furthermore, the OEM628 receiver employs NovAtels innovative Pulse Aperture Correlator technology. This reduces multipath interferences that occur in environments with reflective surfaces.

NovAtel provides a development kit to developers to allow for simple system integration.


  • Support present GNSS constellations as well as future constellations such as Compass and Galileo
  • SPAN technology to provide accurate and continuous results
  • Can be upgraded easily through software
  • Highly accurate and reliable results
  • Ethernet connection to facilitate efficient data transfer
  • Can be integrated into existing system easily.
  • Low power consumption
  • Development kit is available
  • Reduce interferences caused by multipath

Technical Specifications

Channels: GLONASS L1/L2, GPS L1/L2/L5, L-Band, Galileo E1/E5, Compass, GIOVE-A and B, SBAS, QZSS
Dimensions (L x W x H): 6 mm x 100 mm x 9.1 mm
Weight: 37g
Connectors: I/O: Dual row male header with 24 pins
Antenna: MMCX-F
Operating temperature: -40 °C to +85 °C
Communication ports: One RS-232, two CAN, one USB, two LVTTL, one Ethernet


The OEM628 with SPAN GNSS receiver can be ordered from Canal Geomatics. For further information, please use the Request Pricing form to contact us.