NovAtel SPAN Heave Firmware

NovAtel SPAN Heave Firmware

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The NovAtel SPAN Heave Firmware eliminates vertical wave motion from sonar data measurements in marine applications.



In marine mapping applications, the up and down movement of a ship or boat may lead to errors in depth measurement. Using receivers with the Synchronous Position, Attitude and Navigation (SPAN) technology that features a strong heave option can reduce these errors. The NovAtel SPAN Heave firmware offsets the vertical movement of the vessel and produces a more accurate positioning solution.

The SPAN technology integrates the inertial navigation technology and the GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) technology to provide a stable and accurate three-dimensional navigation solution that delivers complete orientation and attitude.

NovAtel offers two SPAN Heave solutions.


  • SPAN technology to provide continuous 3D navigation solution
  • Heave output option to offset vertical movement of vessel
  • Multiple IMU options available
  • Well suited for marine applications
  • Two options available


Real-Time Measurements

With the real-time measurement solution, SPAN enabled receivers deliver real-time and precise measurement of wave motion. There is a 6 degree-of-freedom orientation and position, measuring velocity, position and attitude.

Post-Processed Solution

NovAtel’s Waypoint Inertial Explorer post-processing software processes the data backward and forward to make sure that the results are precise and reliable.


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