NovAtel SPAN Land Vehicle Firmware

NovAtel SPAN for Land Vehicle Firmware

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Optimizes SPAN performance in fixed wheel land vehicle applications.



NovAtel’s intelligent vehicle dynamics modeling and our patented Antenna Phase Windup technology come together in NovAtel’s SPAN Land Vehicle firmware to provide accurate position, velocity and attitude.

SPAN (Synchronous Position, Attitude and Navigation) technology brings together two complementary technologies: Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) positioning and inertial navigation. The absolute accuracy of GNSS positioning and the stability of Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) gyro and accelerometer measurements, combine to provide an exceptional 3D navigation solution delivering full attitude and orientation.

NovAtel’s SPAN Land Vehicle technology optimizes the integrated GNSS+INS performance for fixed wheel land vehicles under low dynamics, in urban canyons, or during extended GNSS outages. Accurate position, velocity and attitude are maintained in these challenging environments through our intelligent vehicle dynamics modeling and the use of NovAtel’s patented Antenna Phase Windup technology.

During periods of extended GNSS outage, the INS solution can drift significantly without the GNSS position to correct for the accumulation of IMU errors. The intelligent vehicle modeling in SPAN Land Vehicle technology identifies IMU errors and reduces the impact of those errors on the SPAN solution.


  • Continuous position, velocity and attitude output through extended GNSS outage
  • Enhanced navigation performance in low dynamic applications
  • SPAN intelligent vehicle dynamics modeling
  • Patented Antenna Phase Windup technology
  • Available for all SPAN supported IMUs


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