NovAtel SPAN MEMS Single Enclosure GNSS/INS Receiver

NovAtel SPAN MEMS Single Enclosure GNSS/INS Receiver

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Low power, light weight enclosure combines MEMS IMU with our OEM615 GNSS/INS SPAN engine



NovAtel is pleased to offer the smallest and lightest IMU enclosure in our product portfolio. Available in two configurations, the SPAN MEMS enclosure can be configured from the factory as an integrated GPS/GNSS Inertial Navigation System (INS) or as a standalone IMU sensor for pairing with an existing NovAtel SPAN receiver.

This product offers customers an integrated single box solution providing NovAtels world class SPAN technology. Featuring our OEM615 receiver, the SPAN MEMS enclosure offers tightly coupled GNSS inertial navigation in an extremely small and lightweight package.


  • SBAS, DGPS and RTK support
  • 200 Hz raw data and solution
  • Wheel sensor input for ground applications
  • Regulated 10-30 VDC input


  • Single enclosure SPAN MEMS Enclosure GNSS/INS system ideal for size constrained applications
  • Provides continuous stable positioning and attitude even during brief periods when satellite signals are blocked
  • Can be paired with an external receiver to support ALIGN GNSS azimuth aiding for low dynamics applications
  • Import/export issues are minimized