SBG Ekinox Software Development Kit

Ekinox Software Development Kit

The Ekinox Software Development Kit from SGB Systems offers an easy way to record and export data in various formats and to evaluate SBG Systems’ products.



The Ellipse Development Kit contains the sbgCenter application to visualize real-time sensor or orientation data for each device connected, and the Iron Calibration Tool used to calibrate magnetic sensors included in the Ellipse product range.

The sbgCenter application can be used to:

  • Visualize – Display Ellipse sensor data output in real time (200 Hz) using any appropriate method, including 2D graphics panels and a 3D view representing the device orientation.
  • Record – Create and playback recordings and use the Time Line Control to analyze a recorded motion by zooming or travelling through time.
  • Export – Configure export text file formats to open your recording in third party software such as Matlab, Excel, or CARIS.
  • Google Earth – The Google Earth KML plugin can be used to export a recording into a Google Earth application to visualize both 3D orientation and position data.

The Iron Calibration Tool is accurate and easy to use, enabling you to achieve a good calibration in a few seconds. Real-time 3D visualization allows you to visualize the progress and quality of the current calibration in real time and adjust calibration procedures for the best results. The powerful calibration algorithm compensates for both soft and hard iron.

The Development kit includes a USB key that contains the following:

  • Documentation.
  • Code examples and libraries.
  • The sbgCenter Application software.
  • The iron calibration tool.

Support for Multiple Platforms

The Software and Development Kit supports most modern platforms, thereby speeding up the development process. The kit uses the sbgECom library to communicate with any Ellipse sensor and is supplied with documentation and source code. The sbgECom library, as well as example source code compile natively on Unix/Linux, Mac OS X and on Windows using Visual Studio. This is made possible by using Makefiles.


The Ekinox Software Development Kit from SGB Systems is available through Canal Geomatics. If you would like more information, please feel free to get in touch with us by completing the Request Pricing form.