Ekinox-M Subsea Motion Reference Unit

Ekinox-M: Subsea Motion Reference Unit

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The Ekinox-M from SBG Systems has been upgraded by the manufacturer and rebranded as the Ekinox2-M. Learn about the high accuracy Ekinox2-M.



SBG Systems Ekinox-M is a motion reference device conceived for deep sea applications functioning at depths down to 6,000 meters. It is equipped with an Inertial Measurement Unit and operates an upgraded Extended Kalman Filter.

Manufacturer focuses on providing high performance at affordable cost. Ekinox-M uses dual antenna GPS to provide heading, attitude, roll and pitch data. It is tested to run well in extreme temperatures. With extended heave in real-time and delayed, it can deliver information from up to four different locations.

MEMs sensors make the unit robust and accurate. Applications in the subsea area include Autonomous Underwater Vehicles and Remotely Operated Vehicles. For marine use, it is ideal for offshore and hydrographic operations in any weather and/or sea conditions.

Ekinox-M comes in a rugged titanium or stainless steel enclosure. Permanent mounting can be on a surface or on the bottom of a boat.


  • Advanced real-time heave
  • Highly accurate delayed heave
  • GPS roll, pitch, heading
  • Operates in every sea condition
  • Easy installation
  • Simple data distribution
  • Long-term reliability
  • Built-in Extended Kalman Filter

Technical Specifications

Attitude: Heading, roll, pitch
Real-time heave: 5 cm or 5%
Delayed heave: 2.5 CM OR 2.5%
Position: L1, L1/2, SBAS, DGPS, RTK
Size: 12 cm by 12 cm
Weight: 4.25 kilograms
Power Consumption: 3 Watts
Operating Temperature: -20 °C to +60 °C


You can order the Ekinox-M unit from SBG Systems through Canal Geomatics. Please don’t hesitate to send us a message by completing the Request Pricing form if you have any question about this unit.