Tallysman TW2015 Magnet Mount GPS L1 Antenna

Tallysman TW2015 Magnet Mount GPS L1 Antenna

The TW2015 by Tallysman Wireless is a professional grade, embedded GPS L1 antenna, specially designed for industrial, agricultural and military precision positioning and timing applications.



The TW2015 features a high performance custom tuned ceramic patch element, 15 KV ESD circuit protection, a high gain two-stage low noise amplifier (LNA) with a mid section high rejection SAW filter. It covers the GPS L1 and SBAS (WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS) frequency band (1572.5 to 1578 MHz), and it offers great circular polarized signal reception, multipath rejection and out of band signal rejection.

The TW2015 comes in a compact circular form factor with a built-in 50 mm diameter ground plane, and with a 15 cm RG174 cable.


  • High Accuracy & Mission Critical GPS
  • Precision Agriculture, Mining & Construction
  • Military & Security
  • Avionics
  • Law Enforcement & Public Safety
  • Fleet Management & Asset Tracking


  • Very low noise LNA: 1 dB
  • Great axial ratio: <4dB at Zenith
  • High rejection SAW filter
  • High gain: 28 dB typ.
  • Low current: 10 mA typ.
  • ESD circuit protection: 15 KV
  • Wide voltage input range: +3.0 to 10 VDC


  • Great multipath rejection
  • Increase system accuracy
  • Excellent signal to noise ratio
  • Great out of band signal rejection
  • Compact form factor
  • RoHS compliant

Ordering Information

  • TW2015 – GPS L1 antenna, 15 cm cable, SMA Male – 32-2015-0
  • TW2015 – GPS L1 antenna, 15 cm cable, TNC Male – 32-2015-1
  • TW2015 – GPS L1 antenna, 15 cm cable, MCX Male – 32-2015-2