GrafNav Static GNSS Post-Processing Software

Waypoint GrafNav Static GNSS Post-Processing Software

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GrafNav Static is a batch static baseline processor and network adjustment package.



Developed by the Waypoint Products Group of NovAtel, GrafNav Static post-processing software possesses a robust and fully configurable processing engine. This allows the software to provide significantly improved GNSS positioning information to applications that require non-real-time positioning information that is highly accurate. The GrafNav Static software is designed to process static baselines and will perform a least squares adjustment on the network.

During a mission, the raw GNSS data is gathered and saved for later processing. Once the mission is complete, the collected data are fed into the GrafNav Static post-processing software. The software is capable of processing the collected data forwards and backwards in time, as well as applying accurate satellite clock and orbit information to them. These features enable the GrafNav Static software to deliver much more accurate results that is possible in real time.

Moreover, the GrafNav Static software supports receivers from a wide range of manufacturers, allowing it to work with most existing devices. Its built-in quality control features ensure that the processed results are accurate.


  • Full dual frequency GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo and QZSS support
  • Robust processing engine
  • Support static baseline processing
  • Forwards and backwards processing
  • Compatible with a wide range of receivers
  • Deliver up to centimeter-level accuracy
  • Support multiple base stations



GrafNav is a static/kinematic baseline processor.

GrafNav SDK

GrafNav SDK (Software Developers Kit) is a suite of tools that can be used standalone or embedded for GNSS post-processing in enterprise software or processing workflow.


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