Wi-Sys WS3917

Wi-Sys WS3917

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The WS3917 GPS antenna is a high value antenna with a wide voltage range, ideally suited to AVL and telematics platforms for vehicle-mounted use.


Using internal magnets or screw mount holes, the antenna can be installed almost anywhere on a vehicle allowing great flexibility. The WS3917 antenna features a high gain (28 dB) low noise amplifier and a SAW filter. With a wide range of connectors and 3 to 5 volt operation, the antenna can be used with almost any GPS system available.

Designed for a wide range of GPS devices, the WS3917 antenna meets or exceeds OEM manufacturers recommended specifications for optimum GPS performance. The WS3917 antenna is housed in durable PVC plastic for reliability in extreme weather conditions. Mounting the WS3917 antenna is easy with the reliable mag mount or through holes for screws.


  • Voltage range 2.7 – 5 V
  • LNA 28 dB gain typical
  • Low noise figure 1.5dB
  • Great out-of-band signal rejection
  • Magnet or screw mount
  • Large range of connector types
  • Value priced