Wi-Sys WS3967-P

Wi-Sys WS3967-P

The WS3967-P Encapsulatable GPS antenna is especially designed for embedding in potting compound.


The WS3967-P features a custom de-tuned ceramic patch element to compensate for the potting compound\’s detuning effect, as well as ESD circuit protection, a two stage low noise amplifier and a SAW filter, enabling the WS3967-P to provide great out-of-band signal rejection performance, consistent and clear signal while minimizing loss-of-lock. It also comes with a perforated RF shield for complete compund permeation and a 1.88\”” mini-ground plane for a sharper radiation pattern. The WS3967-P is the embedded GPS antenna of choice for marine, submarine, and extreme weather technology OEM\’s.


  • Ideal for potted applications
  • Detuned ceramic patch element
  • Perforated RF Can
  • ESD circuit protection
  • Two stage LNA
  • SAW filter
  • 2.7 to 5 V operation
  • Optional cable types and lengths available
  • Wide range of connector types available
  • Low price