Wi-Sys WS3971-HR-DH

Wi-Sys WS3971-HR-DH

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The WS3971-HR-DH Anti-jamming Permanent Mount GPS Antenna provides 28 dBs of gain and very high out-of-band rejection performance.


The WS3971-HR-DH features a perfectly tuned custom ceramic patch element for maximum signal reception, a dual stage LNA circuit and a dual SAW out-of-band filter, enabling the WS3971-HR to provide the most reliable and clear GPS signal reception while minimizing loss-of-lock, even in high RF fields. Available in all-plastic, non-corrosive low profile package for mobile applications or with a charcoal grey or white cone-shaped radome cover for fixed installations, the WS3971-HR Anti-jamming permanent mount GPS antenna is the optimum choice for critical GPS applications with high RF fields.


  • Weatherproof, all plastic, non-corrosive, low profile or cone shaped enclosure
  • Very high rejection Dual SAW filter
  • 28dB gain @ 3.3V
  • Low current: 8mA (typ)
  • 3/4 inch thru-hole or bracket mount
  • Voltage range 2.7 to 5.5V
  • RoHS compliant