Wi-Sys WS9161

Wi-Sys WS9161

The WS9161 is a high performance passive 1615MHz, LHCP embedded antenna, specifically designed and approved to operate with the Globalstar Simplex Modem.


It features a precisely tuned custom ceramic patch antenna element and a perfectly matched RF network. It has a compact form factor with a built in 45.2 mm diameter ground-plane, which allows the WS9161 antenna to be easily embedded in all sorts of OEM enclosures, yet fully meeting Globalstar’s radiated power requirements. The antenna comes standard with 15 cm of RG174 coaxial cable and a MCX right angle male connector.


  • Precisely tuned ceramic patch
  • Small form factor
  • Built-in ground-plane
  • Low price
  • Customization available
  • RoHS compliant