Clearance Products

Here’s the entire list of clearance GPS/GSS products currently available. These products are all in stock and ready to ship.

DiscountSelling Price
A-BG5R-A-XT-1-TPMAntcom G5 Active Helix Antenna, L1/L2/L-Band + Glonass, TNC-F, Pipe MountAntcom4$441.2520%$353.00
A-42G1215A-XT-2Antcom L1/L2, Arinc743, 33dB, TNC, Gray, CertifiedAntcom2$406.2520%$325.00
A-2GO15A-MT-1Antcom 2.6″, Mag mount, TNC, WhiteAntcom2$237.5020%$190.00
A-2GO15A-NS-4Antcom 2.6″, SMA, BlackAntcom2$226.2520%$181.00
A-2GO15A-NS-3Antcom 2.6″ Diameter, Bulkhead/Back Mount Configuration, No Mag, SMA, GreenAntcom4$240.0020%$192.00
A-2G15A-NS-5Antcom 2.6″ Diameter, Side Mount Mount Configuration, No Mag, SMA, TanAntcom1$150.0020%$120.00
A-2G1215P-XN-1Antcom Passive Bulkhead, N-typeAntcom1$422.5020%$338.00
A-3GO15A-XT-1Antcom L1, GPS/LBand aircraft antenna, TNC-corner, WhiteAntcom1$262.5020%$210.00
A-42G15A4-XT-1Antcom Aircraft Antenna L1 Arinc 743, 40dB, TNC, WhiteAntcom4$150.0020%$120.00
A-52G1516RR-AP-XSS-1Antcom Iridium Helix/Active L1 GPS Antenna, 34dB,SMA, WhiteAntcom3$258.7520%$207.00
A-3GO1215A4-XNR-2Antcom L1/L2, L-Band, N Type, Gray, 40dB Aircraft antennaAntcom1$397.5020%$318.00
A-53GO15A4-XT-4Antcom L1 & L-Band, Survey antenna with ground plane, TNC side, BlackAntcom2$146.2520%$117.00
H-940-4022-000Hemisphere GNSS P320 Eclipse II ModuleHemisphere7$1,100.0030%$770.00
H-750-0135-000Hemisphere GNSS XF1 Data ControllerHemisphere2$1,196.0050%$598.00
H-940-4044-000Hemisphere GNSS Crescent P103 20-pin ModuleHemisphere9$250.0030%$175.00
H-938-4050-000Hemisphere GNSS P205 miniEclipse 20-pin GNSS Module (L1 GPS)Hemisphere2$375.0030%$262.50
H-940-4025-000Hemisphere GNSS P201 miniEclipse IIa (L1/L2 GPS)Hemisphere8$450.0030%$315.00
H-940-4006-000Hemisphere GNSS P101 Crescent OEM Module (SX2A Form Factor)Hemisphere8$200.0030%$140.00
H-940-4011-000Hemisphere GNSS Crescent Vector OEM PCB, 10 HzHemisphere3$950.0030%$665.00
H-940-4051-000Hemisphere GNSS Eclipse P302 34-pin ModuleHemisphere9$450.0030%$315.00
H-940-2046-000Hemisphere GNSS XF100 TDS Recon GPS Receiver ModuleHemisphere5$1,080.0050%$540.00
H-940-3036-000Hemisphere GNSS LV100 GPS Compass OEM ModuleHemisphere1$1,550.0030%$1,085.00
M-802001Ashtech Precision L1 External Survey Grade AntennaAshtech1$1,000.0035%$650.00
T-57970-00Trimble Zephyr Model 2 L1 L2 GPS GLONASS GNSS AntennaTrimble2$2,295.0025%$1,721.25
W-3997Wi-Sys Hardmount AntennaWi-Sys78$30.0025%$22.50
NVS-NV433FGNVS GPS Antenna / GlonassNVS12$25.0015%$21.25
TW-33-3320-01-10L1 GPS+GLONASS, Straight Female TNC, Low Profile Dark GrayTallysman3$69.5930%$48.71
TW-32-3100-0Tallysman Permanent Mount GPS L1 Antenna, TNCTallysman1$89.5530%$62.69
TW-32-3400-01-00Tallysman Permanent Mount L1 GPS/GLO Antenna, TNC, Gray ConicalTallysman2$89.5530%$62.69
TW-32-3472-00-00Tallysman GPS/Glonass Antenna, Pre-filter, 40dB, TNC, GrayTallysman1$102.0030%$71.40
TW-33-3870-01-11Tallysman GPS L1/L2+GLO G1/G2 + GAL E1 + BEI B1, TNC, White Low ProfileTallysman1$299.0030%$209.30
TW-32-3600-00-00Tallysman TW3600 Iridium Antenna, TNC-F, Gray Conical RadomeTallysman3$72.7430%$50.92
TW-32-4320-00-3000Tallysman Wireless Wideband GPS L1+Glonass L1, Single Feed, Magnetic, 3mTallysman2$35.0030%$24.50
TW-32-4421-00-3000Tallysman Wireless Wideband GPS L1+Glonass L1, Dual Feed, Magnetic, 3mTallysman2$37.8330%$26.48
W-1357D-5CM-UFLPCTel 1357D Embedded GPS Antenna, 5cm, UFL-R/APCTel3$36.0030%$25.20
W-1357-AWS1357 Embedded GPS Antenna, 15cm, HFL right angle connectorPCTel1$29.0030%$20.30
W-3910DPCTel, GPS, 28DB, LOW NOISE, 3M, MSMAPCTel3$47.5030%$33.25
W-3917DPCTel LOW COST GPS, 28DB , LOW NOISE (1.5DB), 3M, No connectorPCTel4$31.7530%$22.23
W-3947-GMGPS+Quad Cell/3G/2.4GHz,Glass mount ,3M cable SMA/SMA connect.PCTel4$35.0030%$24.50
W-3951GPS Antenna, very low noise,15cm cable, MCX right angle conn.PCTel2$40.0030%$28.00
W-3961D-45CM-MCX/RAPCTel W-3961, 45 CM RG-174 TYPE, RIGHT-ANGLE MCX PLUGPCTel1$31.5030%$22.05
W-3977-DHThrough-hole, 28dB gain, TNC connector, cone-shaped coverPCTel1$42.5030%$29.75
W-3978DPCTel through hole, all plastic housing, 40dB, TNC connectorPCTel1$59.3530%$41.55
W-3978D-HRPCTel, GPS, 40DB,HR, LOW NOISE, LOW PRO PERM MNT, TNC FPCTel1$65.0030%$45.50
W-3971-HRPCTEL Through hole, dual SAW filter, 25dB gain, TNC connectorPCTel4$62.0030%$43.40
W-4055PCTel Low Current, MCX, 25 mm square packagePCTel3$40.0030%$28.00
W-4065PCTel Low Current, MCX, 45.2 mm dia. mini-ground planePCTel2$40.0030%$28.00
W-5012-3m-USBPCTel High Sensitivity GPS receiver USBPCTel2$90.6530%$63.46
W-4051PCTel Low noise, with built in MCX connectorPCTel2$40.0030%$28.00
R-ROJ-150ARojone GPS L1/L2 Divider/Repeater kit w/alarm boxRojone1$4,700.0015%$3,995.00

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