Antcom 7NF-6.29CG1215P-XS-X 7-Element GPS L1/L2 CRPA

Antcom 7NF-6.29CG1215P-XS-X 7-Element GPS L1/L2 CRPA

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The 7NF-6.29CG1215P-XS-X 7-element CRPA from Antcom offers support for GPS (L1, L2) with cable outputs.



The 7NF-6.29CG1215P-6S-X product family from Antcom is a 7-element Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA) for GPS L1 and L2 coverage. The array includes a center reference (REF) element and six auxiliary (AUX) elements equally spaced around the reference element.

This CRPA offers an easy platform upgrade from a Fixed Reception Pattern Antenna (FRPA). It includes four mounting holes located and sized according to standard FRPA design.

Each CRPA element is connected to a cable output terminated in an SMA connector; this enables close spacing of the antenna outputs, minimizing any platform modifications required. The REF cable is phase-matched to the AUX cables internal to the product but appears longer exterior to the product for easier REF channel identification in tight installation conditions.

The 7NF-6.29CG1215P-XS-X CRPA can be customized to meet your specific requirements.


  • Designed for ease of upgrade with minimal platform changes
  • 7-channel CRPA for high-level anti-jam (AJ) performance


  • GPS L1/L2 with M-Code support
  • SMA cable outputs with a longer REF cable for easy identification
  • Paint color options available
  • Passive antenna (no power requirement)

Technical Specifications

Frequency Bands:GPS L1/L2
Dimensions:6.3 in (D) x 0.75 in (H)
Weight:20.8 oz (typical)
Colour Options:Gloss White, Lusterless Gray, Camo Green, Lusterless Black, Desert Tan


Antcom products are covered under their one-year standard warranty. Antcom will repair or replace any product which does not materially conform to Antcom’s specifications or that is significantly defective in materials or workmanship, for a period of 12 months from the date of shipment. The warranty is covered in more detail in the Antcom Standard Terms and Conditions document.

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