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Basetime Locator One Geodetic Monitoring System

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Basetime Locator One offers high-precision GNSS measurements which streamline processes for large construction companies and maritime corporations with complex surveying tasks.


Key Points

  • Locator One is a high-precision device that autonomously executes deformation measurements at a set time and place.

  • The readings collected by the GNSS and RADAR sensors are computed by subjecting the data to an array of complex calculations, and running it through various algorithms.

  • From the processed data sub-centimeter precise positioning information can be extrapolated, which is then made accessible through the Basetime dashboard or your preferred information system.

  • Compared to the traditional method of collecting geodetic observations, the delivered data offers numerous advantages.


Locator One, the first device from Basetime, is engineered to autonomously monitor your construction grounds. By placing a fleet of devices atop already placed settlement rods, deformation observations are collected resulting in high accurate data delivered to the Basetime dashboard or a preferred information system.

Basetime Locator One uses a GNSS sensor to monitor and present the vertical movement of the original ground level, and RADAR sensor to measure the height and thickness of the added sand layer, by calculating the offset between the ground and the sand package.

The automated sensor measures the exact position of the top of a settlement rod with the precision of – at most – 5mm in the Z direction and 3mm in the X-Y direction. By using these observations, calculations can be made to provide the accurate information you need, such as the settlement of the original ground level, and the added sand layers.

Compared to the traditional method of collecting geodetic observations, the automatic device offers numerous advantages. In addition to giving precise GNSS measurements and measuring the distance to ground with radar, the Locator One guarantees: accuracy, safety, predictability and sustainability.


  • Measures with the precision of 5mm in the Z direction and 3mm in the X-Y direction. An autonomous device that guarantees consistent data and 95% uptime (assuming completely unobstructed visibility from 10 degrees above the horizon).


  • Improves construction site safety by eliminating unnecessary human involvement, in-person site visits and use of 4X4 cars on terrains.


  • Collection and calculation of accurate data on pre-defined timestamps offers prediction of subsidence and settlement allowing for precautionary actions.


  • Powered by solar energy and a super capacitor, Locator One functions autonomously and eliminates the need for maintenance rides, reducing CO2 during operations.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Governmental authorities
  • Construction companies
  • Maritime corporations
  • Geodetic and geotechnical engineers that use hundreds of devices for monitoring dikes, dredging grounds, and construction terrains.

What’s Included?

  • Autonomous, precise GNSS-based monitoring system
  • Backend database, including geodetic and other statistic algorithms, improving the precision of measurements
  • Basetime dashboard or via API delivering the data right to your desk

How Does the Device Work?


  • A fleet of Locator One devices are mounted on settlement rods to determine the height of the baseplates, which are positioned at the original ground level.


  • The devices send their observations and metadata through an IoT network to our cloud. After geodetic adjustments and calculations, the data is delivered.


  • Results are displayed on the Basetime dashboard, or preferred environment through an API. In joint consultation, we adapt the data to the contractors working method.


Why Buy from Us?

In business since 2004, Canal Geomatics is an authorized dealer for Basetime and has established itself as an industry-leading distributor of high-precision positioning products in North America. Our mission is to find the best solution for each unique application and extend premium support to ensure the long-term success of our customers. We offer both volume and reseller discounts for the majority of our product lines.


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