CHCNAV AlphaAUni 20 Multi-Platform LiDAR Mapping Solution

CHCNAV AlphaAUni 20 Multi-Platform LiDAR Mapping Solution

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The AlphaUni 20 (or AU20) LiDAR mapping solution from CHC Navigation is a state-of-the-art, multi-platform mobile mapping system. The AU20 excels in airborne scenarios, delivering superior data and increasing survey efficiency through its exceptional vegetation penetration capability, extended measurement range, high accuracy, and data density.



With its unique and flexible installation design complemented by CHCNAV’s LiDAR technology, the AlphaUni 20 (AU20) achieves the perfect balance of point cloud density, accuracy, and quality. The system enables precise point cloud and immersive panoramic imagery tailored for various applications, including road surfaces, highway maintenance, and asset management through vehicle-based surveying.

The AU20 is redefining mobile mapping, democratizing the reality capture industry, and making it accessible to all geospatial professionals.

The AlphaUni 20 (or AU20) delivers precise accuracy through CHCNAV’s high-precision navigation algorithm and a scanner with 5 mm repeated range accuracy, resulting in exceptional absolute accuracy of 2 to 5 cm, even in challenging environments. Its long-range scanning capabilities reach up to 1450 m, while high-speed measuring at 2M points per second is enabled by a 200 Hz continuously rotating mirror. The AU20 provides enhanced detail for all critical surveying tasks. In addition, the newly developed SLAM algorithm will improve trajectory accuracy in a challenging environment.

The AU20’s advanced multi-target capability supports up to 16 target returns, enhancing its ability to penetrate vegetation. Capturing ground surfaces and generating accurate Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) and Digital Surface Models (DSMs) is effortless, even in challenging environments with dense vegetation. Installing the AU20 on aerial survey drones is fast and easy, thanks to Alpha port’s one-click connection to the power source and camera.

The AU20 offers unparalleled levels of protection and operational performance in any field environment. Surveying missions can encounter unexpected weather or site conditions, but the AU20 is designed to outperform in all circumstances, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. The SmartGo software provides fully automated reality capture and real-time mission monitoring, and CoPre desktop software performs intelligent point cloud processing and data fusion.

The AU20 LiDAR is light and compact, weighing just 2.82 kg. Combined with its car mount kit, including a Ladybug5+ and SLAM technology, the total weight is only 10.7kg. With its flexible multi-platform design, the AU20 can be easily mounted on manned and unmanned aircraft for airborne scanning. In addition, it can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of land vehicles, such as cars, boats, and trains, for mobile mapping applications. The AU20 can also be mounted on a backpack for narrow-area mapping providing unparalleled versatility.


  • 5 mm repeated range accuracy
  • Achieves exceptional absolute precision of 2-5 cm, even in challenging environments
  • Long-range scanning capabilities (up to 1450 m)
  • Rapid scanning at 2M points per second, enabled by a 200 Hz continuously rotating mirror
  • Newly developed SLAM algorithm for improved trajectory accuracy, even in challenging environments
  • Supports up to 16 target returns for enhanced penetration of dense vegetation
  • Easy installation with AlphaPort’s convenient one-click connection
  • SmartGo software provides fully automated reality capture and real-time mission monitoring
  • Light and compact (weighing just 2.82 kg)
  • Flexible multi-platform design allows for seamless integration into a variety of aircraft, land vehicles
  • Can also be mounted on a backpack for narrow-area mapping

Technical Support

General System Performance
Absolute Hz & V Accuracy:< 0.025 m RMS @ 30 m range, < 0.050 m RMS @ 150 m range
Weight of Instrument:2.82 kg / 3.12 kg (with C5 camera), 10.97 kg AlphaPano vehicle platform
Dimensions of Instrument:262.3 × 141.5 × 161 mm
Data Storage:512 G (Optional for 1 T)
Coping Speed:80 Mb/s
Laser Scanner
Laser Product Classification:Class 1 (in accordance with IEC 60825-1:2014)
Laser Pulse Repetition Rate PRR:100 kHz, 200 kHz, 300 kHz, 400 kHz, 500 kHz, 800 kHz, 1 MHz, 1.5 MHz, 2 MHz
Max. range, @ρ >80%1450 m (100 kHz), 1320 m (200 kHz), 1220 m (300 kHz), 1120 m (400 kHz), 1000 m (500 kHz), 790 m (800 kHz), 706 m (1 MHz), 576 m (1.5 MHz), 500 m (2 MHz)
Max. range, @ρ >20%750 m (100 kHz), 660 m (200 kHz), 610 m (300 kHz), 560 m (400 kHz), 500 m (500 kHz), 395 m (800 kHz), 353 m (1 MHz), 288 m (1.5 MHz), 250 m (2 MHz)
Max. Operating Flight Altitude AGL, @ρ >20%530 m (100 kHz), 467 m (200 kHz), 431 m (300 kHz), 396 m (400 kHz), 354 m (500 kHz), 354 m (800 kHz), 279 m (1 MHz), 204 m (1.5 MHz), 177 m (2 MHz)
Laser Product Classification:0.032°
Minimum Range:1.5 m
Accuracy:15 mm (1σ,@ 150 m range), 5 mm (1σ,@ 30 m range)
Precision:5 mm (1σ,@ 150 m)
Multi-Period Capability:Up to 7 zones
Field of View:360°, selectable
Scanning Mechanism:rotating mirror
Max. Effective Measurement Rate:2 000 000 meas./sec (depending on the mode)
Scan Speed:10-200 scans/sec (selectable)
Return Numbers:Up to 16
Angular Resolution:0.001°
Positioning & Orientation System
GNSS System:Multiple GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, SBAS and QZSS constellation, L-Band
IMU Update Rate:600 Hz
Attitude Accuracy:0.005° RMS pitch/roll, 0.010° RMS heading (after post-processing)
Position Accuracy:0.010 m RMS horizontal, 0.020 m RMS vertical (after post-processing)
Operating Temperature:-20 °C to +50 °C
Storage Temperature:-20 °C to +65 °C
IP Rating:IP64
Humidity:80%, non-condensing (operating)
Imaging System UAV
Resolution:45 MP
Focal Length:21 mm / 35 mm
Sensor Size:36 mm x 24 mm
Pixel Size:4.4 μm
Min. Interval:1 s
FOV:81.2*59.5 / 53.4*37.8
Airborne Optional Camera Setup:Calibrated Sony 7 RIV (7952 x 5304, 61 MP, 10 fps)
AlphaPano Imaging System
Camera Type:360° Spherical camera, additional adjustable external cameras as option
Numbers of Camera:6 sensors
CCD Size:2048 × 2448, 3.45 μm pixel size
Lens:4.4 mm
Resolution:30 MP (5 MP × 6 sensors), 10 FPS JPEG compressed
Coverage:90% of full sphere
High Dynamic Range (HDR):Cycle 4 gain and exposure presets
Dimensions of AlphaPano:530 x 214.5 x 592 mm (With installed AU20)
Input Voltage:24 V (Range 15 – 27 V)
Power Consumption:60 W



The AlphaUni 20 multi-platform LiDAR mapping solution from CHCNAV is available through Canal Geomatics. If you would like more information about this product, please feel free to get in touch with us by completing the Request Pricing form.