CHCNAV Apache 6 USV Hydrographic Drone


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The Apache 6 high-performance marine drone from CHCNAV is a turnkey multibeam echo sounder autonomous USV system.



The Apache 6 USV high-performance marine drone from CHCNAV is an innovative, fully integrated solution for 3D bathymetric surveys, positioning of underwater objects, offshore construction, underwater archaeology and wreck salvage. Built around a triple-hull vessel and optimized for the Norbit™ multibeam echo sounder series, the APACHE 6 offers a fully autonomous survey mode, powered by field-proven CHCNAV absolute straight line technology, to follow a predetermined path even in adverse current conditions.

The Apache 6 multibeam echo sounder USV reduces survey time, improves work efficiency and produces high-resolution data to always meet the requirements of the most demanding marine survey projects.

The Apache 6 design is optimized for the NORBIT iWBMSe, iWBMS and iWBMSh-STX series offering with high end performances to match the most demanding hydrographic survey requirements.

Made of macromolecule polyester carbon fiber and Kevlar fiber-glass weighting 15 kg without sensors. Its dual detachable floating bodies keep the hull balanced even in the rapid current situation. Removing the floating bodies allows operation in shoals, channels and shallow rivers without run aground.

The optional NORBIT iLiDAR mapping sensor provides high accuracy combined marine and terrestrial 3D survey in a single pass saving significant processing time when performing harbor and river surveys with height clearance evaluation (transmission lines, bridges, etc.).


  • Optimized for NORBIT Multibeam Echo Sounders
  • Lightweight for Easy Deployment
  • High-Performance Triple-Hulled Vessel Design
  • Optional Terrestrial Mapping Laser Sensor

Technical Specifications

Dimension:1.8 m (L) x 0.55 m (W) x 0.25 m (H)
Hull Material:Carbon Fiber
Weight (No Instrument):15 kg
Weight (Typical Instrument):40 kg
Hardware:Anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Typical Survey Speed:2-2.5 m/s
Maximum Speed:3.5 m/s
Draft:0.18 m
Payload (Typical):60 kg
Communication Mode:UHF and network bridge
Network Bridge Frequency:900 MHz / 5.0 GHz
Communication Distance:1.5 km / 0.8 km
Communication Port:RS232 / Internet access
R/C Control:Hitec with Vessel Telemetry
R/C Antenna:Omini Directional
R/C Range:Up to 1 km
R/C Frequency:2.4 GHz
iLiDARLaser Sensor (Integration Option)
Frame Rate:5-20 Hz (10 Hz default)
Wave Length Peak:905 nm
Output:Up To 300.000 Points Per Sec
Accuracy:2 cm
Field Of View:30° vertical, 360° horizontal
Range:100 m
Power:8 W
Power:4 x 18.5v 40Ah battery Lipo / 2 x 18.5v 15Ah battery Lipo
Motor:2 x Brushless Thruster
Navigation Mode:Automatic / Manua
Battery Endurance:2-3 h (operating time can be extended with additional baterries)



The Apache 6 USV high-performance marine drone from CHCNAV is available through Canal Geomatics. If you would like more information about this product, please feel free to get in touch with us by completing the Request Pricing form.