GPS Networking – L1GPSA-N L1 GPS Active Antenna

The L1GPSA-N GNSS antenna from GPS Networking is a 38db gain antenna designed specifically for the GPS L1 carrier frequency. The L1GPSA-N is powered by 5VDC it receives on the center conductor.



The L1GPSA-N is a 38dB gain GPS antenna designed for the L1 carrier frequency. Designed for timing and synchronization applications, the L1GPSA-N maintains excellent performance under severe environmental conditions (rain, snow etc.). It also features high gain, low noise figure and a low operating current. With convenient mounting options, the L1GPSA-N is an excellent choice for ensuring a strong reliable GPS signal.


  • High Gain
    38dBi typical
  • Low Noise Figure
    1.8dB typical
  • Pipe/Pole Mount Included
    Optional L1RAMB Mount with Base and Pole available separately
  • Low Operating Current
    20mA typical
  • Low VSWR
    typical 1.5:1
  • Right-hand circularly polarized
  • Enhanced immunity to lightning surge
    IEC61000-4-5 Level 4 (4000V)
    prevents antenna failure caused by induced lightning


GPS Networking products are covered under their free standard warranty policy. GPS Networking Inc. will repair or replace any unit that fails within 1 year from the date of purchase. Failures that are caused by customer mishandling or acts of nature will be subject to repair charges. It is also possible to purchase a lifetime warranty for all products manufactured by GPS Networking. Details on the lifetime warranty available upon request.

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