LDCBS1x2 GPS Splitter

GPS Networking – LDCBS1X2 GPS Passive Antenna Splitter 1X2

The LDCBS1X2 GPS antenna splitter from GPS Networking is a passive one input, two output power divider designed specifically for the GPS L1, L2 and GLONASS carrier frequencies.



The LDCBS1X2 GPS Splitter is a one input, two output device based on the Wilkinson splitter design. The frequency response covers the GPS L1 & L2 bands with excellent gain flatness.

In the normal configuration, one of the splitter RF outputs (J1) passes DC from the connected GPS receiver through the splitter to the antenna. The other RF output (J2) is DC loaded with a 200Ω resistor to block the DC voltage and to simulate the antenna current draw to prevent false antenna fault detection.


  • Excellent Gain Flatness
    |J1 – J4| < 1.0dB
  • Extremely Flat Group Delay
    Less that 1ns variation
  • Phase Matched Outputs
    Phase (J1 – J4) < 1.0°


GPS Networking products are covered under their free standard warranty policy. GPS Networking Inc. will repair or replace any unit that fails within 1 year from the date of purchase. Failures that are caused by customer mishandling or acts of nature will be subject to repair charges. It is also possible to purchase a lifetime warranty for all products manufactured by GPS Networking. Details on the lifetime warranty available upon request.

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