Crescent P102/P103 OEM Board

Hemisphere Crescent P102 and P103 OEM Boards

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The P102 and P103 OEM boards from Hemisphere GNSS have reached End of Life (EOL). Hemisphere GNSS recommends the Hemisphere Crescent P206 and P207 GNSS OEM boards as suitable replacements.



The Crescent P102 and P103 OEM boards from Hemisphere GNSS employ the Crescent receiver technology and provide faster update rates, higher noise-reduction measurements, as well as better memory and processing capability. These features allow system integrators to integrate the P102 and P103 OEM boards with their applications easily.

Hemisphere GNSS COAST technology enables the Crescent P102/P103 OEM boards to use differential correction data collected previously at times of signal blockage or interference. By employing the COAST technology, the Crescent P102 and P103 OEM boards can maintain sub-meter positioning for 40 minutes, even at times when no differential signals are available.

Furthermore, the Crescent P102 and P103 OEM boards deliver an affordably priced DGPS (Differential Global Positioning System) solution. It can be used with SBAS (satellite based augmentation system) to enhance its real-time results. Moreover, these Crescent OEM boards offer improved multipath mitigation, which allows them to reduce signal interference caused by multipath effectively.


  • Crescent receiver technology
  • GPS L1 tracking
  • COAST technology for uninterrupted results at times of signal loss
  • Up to 60 cm of accuracy
  • Support SBAS
  • Fast start-up and reacquisition times
  • Small form factor

Technical Specifications

Channels:12-channel (10-channel with SBAS)
Dimensions (L x W x H):71.1 mm x 40.6 mm x 12 mm
Weight:20 g
Connectors (power):34-pin header (male)
Connectors (antenna):MCX-female
Operating temperature:-30 °C to +70 °C
Communication ports:1 USB, 3 full duplex CMOS


The Crescent P102 and P103 OEM boards from Hemisphere GNSS are available through Canal Geomatics. Please contact us using the Request Pricing form for additional information.