Inertial Labs MRU-ES Enhanced

Inertial Labs MRU-ES Enhanced

The MRU-ES Enhanced from Inertial Labs is a professional subsea motion reference unit (MRU) that contains 3 solid state, ultra-high performance MEMS accelerometers, magnetometers, MEMS gyroscopes and barometric sensors.



The MRU-ES Enhanced Subsea MEMS MRU from Inertial Labs was developed to meet requirements for underwater tracking and sub-marine navigation UUV/AUV applications. This MRU is an enhanced, high-performance strapdown motion sensor, that determines heave, sway, surge, pitch & roll, angular rates and heading for any device on which it is mounted.

The MRU-ES utilizes 3-axis solid-state precision accelerometers, magnetometers, gyroscopes and barometric sensors to provide accurate heave, sway, surge, pitch and roll of the device under measure.

Integration of these very low noise gyroscopes allow for output which provides high frequency, real-time rotation measurement for vessels, ships, helidecks, ROV, marine antennas or cranes over all three rotational axis.

The new generation of Inertial Labs MRUs are an ideal solution for demanding marine applications. Their electronic nature solves the problems associated with expensive mechanical gyro solutions, as well as fiber optic gyro (FOG) technology. These high-end MRUs feature MEMS gyros that lead the sector in both accuracy and reliability.


  • Kongsberg/Seatex, Teledyne and SMC data formats
  • State-of-the-art algorithms for survey, vessels, ships, active heave compensators, cranes, helidecks, ROV, AUV, DPS, buoys, echo sounders, offshore platforms, etc.
  • 0.02 deg RMS pitch & roll dynamic accuracy
  • 5% or 5 cm RMS (whichever is greater) heave accuracy
  • 0.005 m/sec2 linear acceleration accuracy
  • NMEA 0183, TSS1 output data formats
  • HYPACK software compatibility
  • Subsea enclosure (200 meters depth)
  • Affordable price

Technical Specifications

Heave:5% / 5 cm (RMS)
Pitch & Roll:0.02 deg (RMS)
Heading:0.6 deg (RMS)
Size:120 mm x 50 mm x 53 mm
Weight:280 g
Supply Voltage:9 – 36 VDC
Power Consumption:1.4 W
Operating Temperature:-40 °C to +70 °C
Storage Temperature:-50 °C to +85 °C
Vibration:IEC 60945/EN 60945
Enclosure:Subsea (200 m)


Inertial Labs products are covered under their 15-month standard warranty. Inertial Labs will repair or replace products with design or manufacturing defects, for a period of 15 months from the date of purchase.

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