Inertial Labs TAG-304 Three-Axis MEMS Gyro

Inertial Labs TAG-304 Three-Axis MEMS Gyro

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The TAG-304 three-axis MEMS gyroscope from Inertial Labs has been developed for stabilization and pointing applications where low latency, wide bandwidth, high data rate, and low noise are critical requirements.



The TAG-304 three-axis MEMS gyroscope from Inertial Labs was developed for different platforms such as: Guidance & Navigation, Electro-Optical Systems, Gimbals, Line-Of-Site, Pan & Tilt Platforms, stabilization and pointing applications, etc. TAG-304 utilizes advanced performance, tactical-grade MEMS gyroscopes, of which size, power consumption, reliability and performance are ideal for accomplishing complex tasks requiring accurate stabilization of assorted platforms. Robust technology with proven reliability in the field, Inertial Labs Gyroscope solutions consistently deliver performance in all environments.

Developed for use in particularly harsh environments, the TAG-304 gyroscopes can withstand extreme shock and vibration in accordance with MIL-STD-810 ground mobile use. Additionally, they are fully digitized (RS-422 interface), include Built-In-Test (BIT) functionalities and have no moving parts.

TAG-304 is factory calibrated over operational temperature range with very low non-orthogonality and misalignment between sensitive elements, QA/QC tested and supplied with individual Calibration and Acceptance Test Certificates.


  • Low Noise
  • Low Latency
  • Wide Bandwidth
  • High Data Rate
  • Low Bias Drift
  • Low VRE
  • High MTBF
  • Affordable Price
  • ITAR-free

Technical Specifications

Output Signals:Angular rates, Temperature, Synchronization output
Available Colors of Enclosure:Aurum
Data Update Rate:4000 Hz
Start-up Time:< 1 sec
Latency:< 1 msec
Number of Axis:3
Measurement Range:±2000 deg/sec
Bandwidth (-3dB):997 Hz
Data Update Rate:4000 Hz
Bias In-run Stability (Allan Variance):2 deg/hr
Bias Instability & Repeatability over Temp. Range,1σ:76 deg/hr
SF Accuracy (over Temperature Range,1σ):1000 ppm
Noise. Angular Random Walk (ARW):0.2 deg/√hr
Non-linearity:200 ppm
Axis Misalignment:0.25 mrad
Mechanical Shock & Vibration:MIL-STD-810F/514.5/I
Operating Temperature:-40°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature:-50°C to +90°C
MTBF (GM @+65degC, operational):100,000 hours
Supply Voltage:4 to 5 V DC
Power Consumption:0.25 Watts (max)
Output Interface:RS-422
Output Data Format:Binary
Size:19.5 x 15.2 x 5.5 mm
Weight:10 grams


Inertial Labs products are covered under their 15-month standard warranty. Inertial Labs will repair or replace products with design or manufacturing defects, for a period of 15 months from the date of purchase.

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