GrAnt-G2T-JS-HPO GNSS Antenna


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The GrAnt-G2T-JS-HPO GNSS antenna from JAVAD GNSS is a versatile and high-performance antenna, featuring J-Shield filters for signal protection and improved receiver performance.



The GrAnt-G2T-JS-HPO GNSS antenna from JAVAD GNSS is a versatile, high-performance antenna. It can be mounted on flat surfaces with four screws or mounted on standard poles. The antenna cable can be connected via the standard TNC (N-type optional) connector on its side or routed through the center of the antenna for ultimate protection in harsh environments.

The GrAnt-G2T-JS-HPO can track GPS, Galileo, WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN, and QZSS signals.

J-Shield is the filter that protects GPS L1 and Galileo L1 bands. It brings in all the useful signals intact and rejects out-of-band signals with a slope of about 12 dB/MHz.

Similarly, it is this filter that protects GPS L2, GPS L5, and Galileo L5 and has a slope of about 9 dB/MHz. These filters have been extensively tested with five different innovative tests and prove that the filters also improve GNSS receivers’ performance.

The JS-HPO antenna option is characterized by an increased dynamic range of input in-band signals.

An optional ground plane can be purchased to increase multipath mitigation.

Technical Specifications

Capability:GPS L1/L2/L2C/L5, Galileo E1/E5ab, WAAS L1/L5, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN, QZSS L1/L2/L2C/L5
Frequency:1555-1595 MHz, 1155-1245 MHz
Antenna Gain:1555-1595 MHz, 4.0 dB typical
1155-1245 MHz, 5.0 dB typical
Axial Ratio Output:3.0 dB max
Impedance:50 Ohm
LNA Gain:33±3 dB
Noise Figure:2.8 dB typical
Input Voltage:+4.5 to +15.0 VDC
Power Consumption:0.9 W max
Current:200 mA @ 5.0V max
Operating Temperature:-45°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature:-50°C to +85°C
Humidity:Waterproof, 100% non-condensing, IP68
Antenna Type:Microstrip
Connector:TNC; N-type (optional)
Dimensions:140 mm x 140 mm x 62 mm
Weight:515 g
Enclosure:Radome: ABS, Base: Aluminum
Mounting:5/8-11 or 1-14 inches mount, or 4 holes M5

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