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The CG-5100 IMU from KVH Industries is a low drift, solid state, FOG-based commercial solution that offers versatility for critical sensing and GPS-integrated navigation applications. It combines KVH's highly precise fiber optic gyroscopes with MEMS accelerometers that have been proven in demanding industrial environments.



The versatile KVH CG-5100 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) combines proprietary technologies – highly accurate fiber optic gyro (FOG)-based sensors coupled with industry proven MEMS accelerometers – all within a compact single enclosure, providing reliability and long-term compliance to customer specifications. Through its seamless integration of these two highly reliable navigation components, the CG-5100 provides a ground-breaking low cost, small form factor solution for inertial measurement.

The KVH sensor engine of FOGs and accelerometers creates a flexible and efficient IMU, a high performance motion sensing package ideally suited for critical sensing applications and GPS integrated navigation systems. This strap-down inertial subsystem offers outstanding reliability and accurate 6-degrees-of-freedom measurement. The CG-5100 achieves its excellent performance by employing proprietary algorithms to a fully digital gyro sensor output, enabling the system to characterize and correct for the effects of temperature and misalignment. The CG-5100 also affords the end user with a convenient and easy to adapt output in a fully digital RS-232/RS-422 format.


  • KVH’s patented Digital Signal Processing (DSP) FOGs for high reliability and stable performance
  • Highly accurate rate and acceleration data
  • Designed to meet COTS requirements
  • Measures roll, pitch, and yaw angular rates and accelerations
  • Fiber optic gyro stability
  • Affordable, compact design
  • Excellent shock and vibration performance


  • Antenna, optical, and camera stabilization
  • GPS augmentation
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Drilling
  • Navigation
  • Motion sensing

Technical Specifications

Input Rate (max):±375°/sec
Bias Instability (25°C):≤1°/hr, 1σ
Bias vs. Temp. (≤1°C/min):≤6°/hr, 1σ
Bias Offset (25°C):±20°/hr
Scale Factor Non-linearity (max rate, 25°C):≤1000 ppm, 1σ
Scale Factor vs. Temperature (≤1°C/min):≤500 ppm, 1σ
Angle Random Walk (25°C):≤0.067°/√hr (≤4°/hr/√Hz)
Bandwidth (-3 dB):≥100 Hz
Initialization Time (valid data):≤5 secs
Data Interface:Asynchronous RS-422 or RS-232
Baud Rate:115.2 Kbps
Data Rate:100 Hz
Dimensions (max):169.4 mm L x 152.4 mm W x 88.9 mm H (6.67 in x 6 in x 3.5 in)
Weight (max):2.27 kg (5 lbs)
Power Consumption:15 W
Input Voltage:+9 to +18 VDC
Operating Temperature:-40°C to +65°C (-40°F to +149°F)
Operating Shock Limit:7 g, 11 msec, half-sine
Operating Vibration Limit:8 g rms, 20-2000 Hz, random
Input Limit (max):±10 g
Bias Instability (constant temp):<0.25 mg, 1σ
Scale Factor Temperature Sensitivity:1000 ppm/°C, 1σ
Velocity Random Walk (25°C):≤0.12 mg/√Hz (0.23 ft/sec/√hr)
Bandwidth (-3 dB):50 Hz ±5%


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