AG-STAR GNSS Smart Antenna

NovAtel AG-STAR GNSS Smart Antenna

The AG-STAR GNSS smart antenna from NovAtel will soon reach End of Life (EOL). Final orders must be placed by September 1, 2021. NovAtel recommends the SMART2 as a suitable replacement.



The AG-STAR by NovAtel is a single frequency smart antenna featuring OEMStar technology. This antenna provides sub-metre (single point and GLIDE) level accuracy. The AG-STAR is capable of tracking more than one constellation and offers a highly reliable and precise positioning solution. It is equipped with a GNSS single-frequency receiver and antenna in a rugged housing.

The AG-STAR employs the GL1DE technology, which enables the AG-STAR to deliver continuous and smooth positioning. It has 14 channels for GPS & GLONASS L1 code and phase tracking. Two of the channels can be configured for SBAS (Satellite Based Augmentation System) tracking.

The AG-STAR is highly flexible and can be upgraded via software. It supports a wide range of interfaces, including PPS, RS-232 serial port and optional Bluetooth to allow users to integrate the AG-STAR into their systems easily. Furthermore, a wide variety of software upgradable options, including RAIM and GLONASS tracking, are available to allow system integrators to create customized solutions.


  • Support GLONASS & GPS L1 and SBAS tracking
  • Provide accurate and reliable results
  • Employ GL1DE technology to deliver smooth positioning
  • Multiple interfaces for simple system integration
  • Software upgradable options including RAIM, GLONASS tracking and GL1DE

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (D x H):15.5 cm x 6.8 cm
Weight:500 g
Connector:Tyco Ampseal (14 pins)
Operating temperature:-40 °C to +75 °C
Communication ports:1 PPS, 2 RS-232 serial ports, Event Marker Input, Ground Speed Output and optional Bluetooth
Mounting:Magnetic and M4 screw inserts (4)


The NovAtel AG-STAR offers reliability and flexibility, and can be ordered from Canal Geomatics. If you have any question, please feel free to use the Request Pricing form to contact us.