NovAtel MarinePak7 Marine GNSS Receiver

NovAtel MarinePak7 Marine GNSS Receiver

The NovAtel MarinePak7 is a marine-certified GNSS receiver with NovAtel OEM technology that delivers precise positioning and timing for demanding nearshore marine applications.



The NovAtel MarinePak7 marine GNSS receiver, engineered specifically for harsh marine environments, can receive GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo and QZSS signals. Multiple GNSS signals deliver better satellite availability and reduce the impact of satellite masking or blockage which can affect positioning.

In additional to its support for multi-constellation GNSS signals, the MarinePak7 also supports RTK corrections transmitted via mobile phone networks and MSK Beacon corrections. Combined with SPAN GNSS+INS technology for attitude and heave measurements, this marine GNSS receiver delivers a robust, reliable and assured position at sea.

The color display and intuitive navigation menu makes setup, configuration and system status monitoring simple. The display also helps troubleshoot issues with the MarinePak7 allowing faults to be quickly diagnosed and resolved. Users can also connect to the receiver using the on-board Wi-Fi and use the Web UI to configure and monitor the system.

As your requirements change, the MarinePak7 provides a scalable solution to enable additional features when you need them. ALIGN technology by NovAtel is optionally supported when combined with a second antenna to provide a GNSS heading solution. The removable battery option allows users to work anywhere without a direct power supply connection or it can be used to bridge power outages. The UHF model can be used as a data link to receive RTK corrections which can also be received via the GSM/GPRS modem. For more demanding applications, data logged on the receiver can be downloaded for post-processing using NovAtel’s GrafNav software.

The MarinePak7 can provide a range of performance accuracies from single-frequency DGPS using MSK Beacon for safe navigation of vessels to full centimeter-level RTK for marine construction activities. Oceanix Nearshore correction service provides accuracy levels up to three centimeters (95%) using globally transmitted corrections.

This receiver is designed specifically for marine professionals requiring safe navigation for vessels or high-accuracy positioning. Markets include nearshore hydrographic survey, dredging, marine construction and vessels working in the renewables industry.


  • Built to endure challenging marine environments
  • Multi-constellation, multi-frequency GNSS signal tracking
  • GNSS+INS capabilities for velocity, attitude and heave measurements
  • Multi-channel L-Band supports Oceanix Correction Services
  • Reception of MSK Beacon corrections for safe navigation
  • Capable of PPP or RTK positioning
  • GNSS Heading
  • Internal or removable battery for a completely portable solution


  • Complete positioning solution providing flexibility and scalability to maximize your investment
  • Supports centimeter-level Oceanix PPP and RTK position accuracy
  • Supports NovAtel SPAN GNSS+INS functionality
  • For use in hydrographic survey, dredging, renewables, research and navigation applications

Technical Specifications

System TypeEnclosed with IMU, GNSS+INS enabled
General Info
Length (mm):198
Width/Diameter:254 mm
Height:80 mm
Weight:3 kg
Typical Power Consumption:12 W
Signal Tracking
GPS:L1 C/A, L1C, L2C, L2P, L5
GLONASS:L1 C/A, L2 C/A, L2P, L3, L5
BeiDou:B1l, B1C, B2l, B2a
Galileo:E1, E5 AltBOC, E5a, E5b
QZSS:L1 C/A, L1C, L2C, L5
L-Band (primary RF only):Up to 5 channels
Number of Com Ports
RS-232/RS-422 selectable:3
USB2.0 (host):1
Event Input:1
Event Output:1
Pulse Per Second output:1
Single Point L1:1.5 m
Single Point L1/L2:1.2 m
SBAS:60 cm
DGP:40 cm
Oceanix:3 cm (95%)
RTK:1 cm + 1 ppm


NovAtel products come with a one-year warranty. The warranty, provided by NovAtel, covers any product which does not materially conform to NovAtel’s specifications or that is significantly defective in materials or workmanship, for a period of 12 months from the date of shipment. Accessories come with a similar 90-day warranty. NovAtel’s Extended Warranty Program provides the option to increase the duration of the warranty by an additional 12 or 24 months. The warranty is covered in more detail in the NovAtel Warranty and Return Policies page.

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