NovAtel SMART6-L Dual-Frequency GNSS Antenna

NovAtel has announced that the SMART6-L dual-frequency GNSS antenna with L-Band has reached End of Life (EOL) and will not be available for order after May 31, 2019. NovAtel is replacing the SMART6 with the SMART7.



The SMART6-L from NovAtel is a dual-frequency SMART antenna with L-Band featuring OEM6 technology. This GNSS antenna supports sub-metre (single point and GLIDE), decimetre (TerraStar) and centimetre (TerraStar and RTK) level accuracies.

The SMART6-L tracks multiple constellations to deliver a high accuracy positioning solution. It is capable of tracking signals in areas where view of the sky is obstructed.

The SMART6-L is equipped with an OEM6 receiver and employs the Pinwheel antenna technology to offer accurate results. Furthermore, the GL1DE technology allows the SMART6-L to deliver smooth and continuous positioning. With NovAtel’s proven AdVance RTK technology, the SMART6-L is capable of delivering centimeter-level accuracy.

The SMART6-L is highly scalable. It provides multiple interfaces, including RS-232 serial ports and CAN port to facilitate system integration. Moreover, a wide range of firmware upgrade options is available to provide customized solutions.


  • NovAtel’s OEM6 engine
  • Supports GPS + GLONASS L1/L2 and L-Band tracking
  • Deliver reliable and accurate results, up to centimeter level accuracy.
  • GL1DE technology for smooth positioning
  • RS-232 and CAN ports for easy system integration
  • Support Real Time Kinematic (RTK) correction
  • Easily upgradable firmware options including Galileo tracking, BeiDou tracking, ALIGN, RT-2, RAIM

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (L x W x H):155 mm (diameter) x 81 mm (height)
Weight:< 550 g
Connector:14-pin Tyco Ampseal
Operating temperature:-40 °C to +75 °C
Communication ports:3 RS-232 ports, 1 CAN, 1 PPS, 1 Event Marker Input
Mounting:2 magnetic, 4 M4 screw inserts


The SMART6-L dual-frequency GNSS antenna from NovAtel delivers reliable and accurate results. The antenna and its accessories are available through Canal Geomatics. For more information, please contact us using the Request Pricing form.