NovAtel SPAN CPT7 GNSS/INS Receiver

NovAtel CPT7 GNSS + INS Receiver

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The NovAtel SPAN CPT7 is an ultra-compact, light-weight, dual-antenna enclosure with SPAN technology that delivers 3D position, heading, velocity and attitude.



The SPAN CPT7 from NovAtel is a single enclosure Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) + Inertial Navigation System (INS) receiver powered by OEM7 technology from Hexagon | NovAtel that delivers up to centimetre-level accuracy. The dual-antenna inputs provide the user with heading information and rapid alignment of the combined GNSS+Inertial solution. It’s lightweight, ultra-compact and offers a low-power solution with multiple communication interfaces for easy integration on multiple platforms.

The CPT7 contains a high-performing Honeywell HG4930 Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) to deliver NovAtel’s world-class SPAN technology in an integrated solution. SPAN technology deeply couples GNSS positioning and the stability of IMU gyro and accelerometer measurements to enhance satellite tracking and provide the most continuous positioning solution possible.

The deep coupling of the GNSS and IMU measurements delivers the most satellite observations and the most accurate, continuous solution possible. Further, the CPT7 is comprised entirely of commercial components, simplifying export restrictions involved with traditional GNSS+INS systems.

CPT7 provides your choice of accuracy and performance, from decimeter to RTK-level positioning. For more demanding applications, Inertial Explorer post-processing software can be used to post-process the real-time SPAN GNSS+INS solution to provide the system’s highest level of accuracy.

SPAN GNSS+INS technology brings together two different but complementary technologies: Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) positioning and Inertial Navigation System (INS). The absolute accuracy of GNSS positioning and the stability of Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) gyro and accelerometer measurements are deeply coupled to provide an exceptional 3D navigation solution that is stable and continuously available, even through periods when satellite signals are blocked.


  • High performance SPAN GNSS+INS solution
  • Small, low-power, all-in-one GNSS+INS enclosure
  • Easy integration into space and weight constrained applications
  • Commercially exportable system
  • Rugged design ideal for challenging environments
  • Enhanced connection options including serial, USB, CAN and Ethernet
  • Future-proof for upcoming GNSS signal support


  • MEMS gyros and accelerometers
  • Small size, rugged and lightweight
  • Dedicated wheel sensor input
  • TerraStar Correction Services supported over multi-channel L-Band and IP connections
  • Advanced interference mitigation features
  • SPAN GNSS+INS capability with configurable application profiles
  • Dual antenna ALIGN heading
  • 16 GB of internal storage
  • Four receiver status LEDs

Technical Specifications

Signal Tracking
GPS:L1C/A, L1C, L2C, L2P, L5
BeiDou:B1l, B1C, B2l, B2a, B2b
Galileo:E1, E5 AltBOC, E5a, E5b
QZSS:L1 C/A, L1C, L2C, L5
L-Band (Primary RF only):Up to 5 channels
System Type:Enclosed with IMU GNSS+INS enabled
Dimensions:90 mm x 60 mm x 60 mm
Weight:500 g
Power Consumption:9 W (typical)
Input Voltage:+9 to +32 VDC
Single Point L1:1.5 m (RMS)
Single Point L1/L2:1.2 m (RMS)
SBAS:60 cm (RMS)
DGPS:40 cm (RMS)
TerraStar-L:40 cm (RMS)
TerraStar-C PRO:2.5 cm (RMS)
TerraStar-X:2.0 cm (RMS)
RTK:1 cm + 1 ppm
IMU Raw Data Rate:100 Hz or 400 Hz
Input Rate (max):±325&/S
Range:±20 g
Operating Temperature:-40°C to +71°C
Storage Temperature:-40°C to +85°C
Humidity:95% non-condensing
Submersion:2 m for 12 hours (IEC 60529 IP68)
Water:MIL-STD-810H, Method 512.6
Dust:MIL-STD-810H, Method 510.7
Vibration:MIL-STD-810H, Method 514.8, Category 24, 7.7 g RMS
Sinusoidal:IEC 60068-2-6
Operating Acceleration:MIL-STD-810H, Method 513.8,
Procedure II (G Loading – 15 g)
Operating Bump:IEC 60068-2-27 Ea (25 g)
Operating Shock:MIL-STD-810H,Method 516.8, Procedure 1, 40 g, 11 ms terminal sawtooth


NovAtel products come with a one-year warranty. The warranty, provided by NovAtel, covers any product which does not materially conform to NovAtel’s specifications or that is significantly defective in materials or workmanship, for a period of 12 months from the date of shipment. Accessories come with a similar 90-day warranty. NovAtel’s Extended Warranty Program provides the option to increase the duration of the warranty by an additional 12 or 24 months. The warranty is covered in more detail in the NovAtel Warranty and Return Policies page.

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