NV08C-RTK GNSS Receiver Board

NV08C-RTK GNSS/RTK Receiver Board

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The NV08C-RTK GNSS/RTK receiver board from NVS Technologies is a multi-constellation, L1 frequency tracking OEM receiver with embedded RTK functionality. Thanks to its flexibility, easy integration and low power consumption, it is perfect for a wide spectrum of applications that require low cost and high accuracy. Such applications include parallel driving systems, 3D cartography, mining, and many more.



The NV08C-RTK GNSS/RTK receiver board is fully integrated multi-constellation satellite navigation receiver with embedded RTK functionality. This board was specifically designed for use in high accuracy applications, demanding low cost, low power consumption, small form factor and uncompromised performance.

This high-performance OEM board level product for product developers has 32 channels and is completely compatible with existing GNSS systems GPS, GLONASS and SBAS as well as newly deployed Galileo and BeiDou constellations.

Evaluation Kit NV08C-EVK-RTK is a set of instruments for a developer of systems based on NV08C-RTK module. Use of NV08C-EVK-RTK is a convenient way to learn functionality of NV08C-RTK and start the system design quickly.


  • Integrated RTK functionality
  • Data rate up to 20 Hz
  • Base and Rover mode
  • Centimeter-level positioning in RTK mode
  • Individual GLONASS group delay calibration
  • 3-stage filtration for high out-of-band interference immunity
  • Enhanced RAIM for 3D and RTK modes
  • Low power consumption
  • Simple quick integration
  • NMEA 0183, RTCM 3.1 communication protocols
  • Industrial operating temperature range ‐40°C to +85°C
  • Integrated MEMS-sensors (INS)


  • Construction, Mining & Industrial
  • Environmental & Structural Monitoring
  • Machine Control & Automation
  • Parallel Driving Systems
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
  • Robotics & Intelligent Machines
  • Land Surveying, 3D Cartography, Air photography

Technical Specifications

GNSS Signals
Number of Channels:32
Satellite Access Mode:All-in-view
Navigation Features
Accuracy (2D rms):Autonomous mode 2.5 m
SBAS <1 m
RTK mode 1 cm + 1ppm
Velocity Measuring Precision:0.05 m/s (RMS)
Sensitivity:Tracking and re-acquisition –160 dBm
Acquisition –143 dBm
RTK mode –137 dBm
Sensitivity:Tracking and re-acquisition –160 dBm
Acquisition –143 dBm
RTK mode –137 dBm
Coordinate Systems:WGS-84
Time to First Fix:Cold start < 40 s
Warm start < 35 s
RTK initialization time (after 3D fix) < 10 s
Initialization reliability 99.9%
RF Functionality
LNA:Built-In (SW controlled for power saving)
RF Structure:Two RF FE chains GPS/GALILEO/BeiDou/SBAS L1 + GLONASS L1
Antenna Type:Active
Operating Temperature:-40 °C to +85 °C
Maximum Operating Humidity:98% @ 40°С
Data Interface
PVT Output Rate:1, 2, 5, 10 Hz
Max Data Output Rate:20 Hz (with INS)
Supported Protocols:NMEA 0183
RTCM 3.0, 3.1
Host Data Interfaces:2x UART (3.3V CMOS-level)
1х USB 3.3V (D+, D-)
Data Connector:PLD-20 male
Antenna Connector:MCX female
Data Exchange Rate:Up to 460’800 bits/s
Power Supply
Power Supply Voltage:3.3V – 5.0V
Power Consumption GNSS RTK-Navigation:300 mW (typical)
Size:71 mm (L) х 46 mm (W) х 8.1 mm (H)
Weight:18 g (without package)



The GNSS/RTK receiver board from NVS Technologies can be ordered through Canal Geomatics. For more information, please contact us using the Request Pricing form.