Oceanix Correction Services

Oceanix GNSS Correction Services

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If you need sub-decimeter positioning for diverse marine applications, the Oceanix Nearshore GNSS Correction Service will deliver 6 cm vertical and 4 cm horizontal accuracy RMS.



Oceanix Nearshore GNSS Correction Service is suitable for diverse marine applications such as hydrographic surveys, dredging, and mapping. The broadcast features a high correction rate which allows carrier phase ambiguity resolution within the GNSS receiver. This in turn results in an enhanced accuracy and fast recoveries from GNSS signal interruptions.

The correction service features orbit correction data and a precise GNSS clock, thus providing high accuracy sub-decimeter solutions across the globe. Users have control over the entire data generation process which utilizes a proprietary network with more than 80 GNSS reference stations strategically located globally.

Oceanix Nearshore correction service is offered with multiple subscription durations and includes customer support for the entire positioning solution from NovAtel.


  • Dual GNSS constellations
  • Corrections data delivered via geostationary satellites for worldwide coverage
  • Supported on all OEM7 platforms

Service Levels

Horizontal Accuracy (RMS):4 cm
Vertical Accuracy (RMS):6 cm


The Oceanix GNSS Correction Services from NovAtel are available through Canal Geomatics. If you would like more information about these services, please feel free to get in touch with us by completing the Request Pricing form.