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Qinertia is the next-generation INS/GNSS post-processing software from SBG Systems. Qinertia now covers all surveyors' projects by offering a license dedicated to GNSS post-processing. Open to the world, Qinertia supports all major GNSS receivers and is now open to third-party IMUs.



Qinertia, the new standard for Post-processing, is now open to all IMUs and GNSS

Qinertia has been designed to offer a comprehensive suite of post-processing software to the geospatial world. It accepts all major GNSS manufacturers, and supports proprietary protocols from Novatel, Septentrio, Trimble, and Ublox for a straight-forward workflow. It is the first full-featured post-processing software to offer a native support for Ublox F9 RTK receivers reducing the workflow as a simple “drag and drop” to guarantee data integrity and accuracy.

Qinertia has been designed to help surveyors get the most of their survey very easily with a simple workflow. Because park of sensors could be heterogeneous, Qinertia supports third-party Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). Several IMU and INS have already been successfully integrated with Qinertia including LN-200, LCI-100 and µIMU. You can contact us to study how you can integrate your IMU in Qinertia’s workflow.

Qinertia post-process data from any GNSS receiver through RINEX, and with binary files from Novatel, Septentrio, Trimble and Ublox for a straight-forward workflow. In the same way, the VBS feature is able to compute virtual networks from various GNSS receivers, including different models, configurations or constellations, and even with different coordinate systems. Qinertia automatically adjusts the VBS network to compensate for any base station position inaccuracy and provides full quality control indicators to assess the expected accuracy and reliability.

Qinertia now offers a GNSS license allowing surveyors to post-process both static and kinematic GNSS data. In just a few clicks, surveyors can improve their trajectories, access RTK corrections worldwide, or even control a base station precise location using PPP static computations.


  • Tightly coupled solution for unmatched accuracy and reliability
  • Centimetric position using offline RTK corrections or Precise Point Positioning
  • Seamless Integration of Odometer and Dual Antenna GNSS Receiver
  • Multi-Constellation Support (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou)
  • Support of third-party IMUs and any GNSS receivers
  • Automatically generates a Virtual Base Station (VBS) when you are far from a base station

Qinertia Pro

A full-featured INS/GNSS post-processing solution, Qinertia PRO helps improve your navigation data, access further analysis and fix some outages in your trajectory. It gives access to post-processing to all SBG sensors and third-party IMUs, in all applications using INS/GNSS or GNSS only processing.

Qinertia Lite

Qinertia LITE is an economical post-processing solution for entry-level navigation with the SBG Ellipse miniature inertial sensors. Whether your survey is UAV or car based, Qinertia improves trajectory and data analysis for both land and air applications using INS/GNSS or GNSS only processing.

Qinertia UAV

Qinertia UAV is an economical post-processing solution designed for UAV-based surveying and photogrammetry applications using INS/GNSS or GNSS only processing. It supports all sensors and GNSS receivers offering a processing trajectory within a 3 km radius limit and 1 year free subscription when buying Quanta.

Qinertia GNSS

Qinertia GNSS is a static and kinematic post processing solution that allows the data post-processing from any GNSS receiver (through RINEX) and with binary files from Novatel, Septentrio, Trimble and Ublox. It is upgradable at any time to a INS/GNSS processing license.


All products from SBG Systems come with a 2-year warranty. This warranty can be extended up to 5 years. The warranty is covered in more detail in the SBG Services page.

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