TW127 25dB Inline RF Amplifier

Tallysman TW127 GPS 25dB Inline RF Amplifier

The TW127 GPS 25dB inline RF amplifier provides for much longer cable runs from any upper band GNSS antenna (L1, G1, E, B1) to their receiver.



Ideal for applications such as mast-mount, roof-top and large vehicle installations, the TW127 GPS 25dB inline RF amplifier from Tallysman provides for much longer cable runs from any Upper band GNSS antenna (L1, G1, E, B1) to their receiver, with low current and voltage requirements.

Featuring a a dual-stage LNA with a mid-section SAW filter, the TW127 is a rugged waterproof, low cost, low noise, 28dB gain in-line amplifier, specially designed to tightly filter and boost weak signals across the upper GNSS bands, while maintaining low antenna noise figures.

The standard model offers low current consumption and DC pass through which allows both the antenna and the TW127 inline amplifier to be powered by the GNSS receiver without additional hardware such as bias-T, power cable and power supply. The TW127 is optionally available without DC Pass-through.


  • All L1 GNSS Signals
  • Commercial, Industrial &Military Telematics Systems
  • Wireless & Telecom Timing Applications
  • Wireless & Telecom Synchronization Applications


  • Very low noise
  • High-rejection mid-section SAW filter
  • Wide input voltage range, 3 to 10 VDC
  • Powered via antenna coax from receiver
  • 50 Ohm port impedance
  • Cylindrical nickel-plated brass, IP67 compliant housing
  • Available SMA, TNC, and N-Type jack connectors
  • RoHS and REACH compliant


  • Improves signal response
  • Enables extended cable runs
  • Avoid installation of costly low-loss cable
  • Fits in-line with antenna cable
  • No external voltage supply needed
  • Easy to install – mounting clamp include


Calian GNSS (formerly Tallysman Wireless) offers a warranty of 1-3 years on all of it’s products. The warranty ensures that the products are free from defects of materials or workmanship and conform to Calian’s specifications under normal use. Embedded antennas are covered by a one (1) year standard warranty. All housed antennas and accessories (inline amplifiers, splitters, and bias tees) manufactured after January 1, 2020 are covered by a three-year warranty. The warranty is covered in more detail on the Calian GNSS Warranty page.

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The TW127 GPS 25dB inline RF amplifier is available through Canal Geomatics. If you would like more information about this product, please feel free to get in touch with us by completing the Request Pricing form.

TW127 – 25dB gain In-Line Amp with SMA Jack – 32-0127-00
TW127 – 25dB gain In-Line Amp with TNC Jack – 32-0127-01
TW127 – 25dB gain In-Line Amp with N-type – 32-0127-14 (premium applies)
TW127 -25dB gain In-Line Amp, with DC pass-through block – 32-127-X-DCB