NovAtel VEXXIS OEM-GNSS-503 Antenna

NovAtel VEXXIS OEM-GNSS-503 Antenna

The VEXXIS OEM-GNSS-503 antenna from NovAtel is now available as an OEM model for integrators. The antenna integrates into purpose-built solutions and pairs with a variety of receivers. With form-factor flexibility, the GNSS-503 antenna enables reliable performance for diverse applications.



The OEM-GNSS-503 GNSS antenna module from NovAtel provides VEXXIS antenna technology in an easy to integrate assembly ideal for use in ground vehicle applications such as agriculture, machine control and mobile mapping. The OEM-GNSS-503 offers maximum flexibility when creating high performance antenna and smart antenna products using your own industrial design.

When integrated into a properly designed enclosure, the GNSS-500 series sub-assemblies have been shown to endure over 1000 hours of intense vibration testing to earn a MIL-STD-810G rating.

The VEXXIS GNSS-500 series antennas provide outstanding circularly polarized, symmetric radiation patterns with superior multipath rejection performance. This is achieved with a patented, multi-point feeding network which provides uniquely low loss and frequency independent amplitude/phase balance. Strictly balancing signals and sequentially feeding the GNSS antenna at multiple points is the key to achieving remarkable performance.


  • Supports multi-frequency GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS and IRNSS/NavIC signal reception
  • L-Band capable, supporting correction services such as TerraStar
  • Multi-point antenna feed provides stable phase centre and enhanced multipath rejection
  • Designed for high quality performance when used with NovAtel’s STEADYLINE technology
  • Compact, lightweight assembly with single DC/RF cable eases integration into various enclosures and applications

Technical Specifications

Signals Received
GPS:L1, L2, L5
Galileo:E1, E5a/b, E6
BeiDou:B1, B2, B3
QZSS:L1, L2, L5, L6
Pass Band
Upper Passband:1577.5 ± 32.5 MHz (typical)
Lower Passband:1232.0 ± 68.0 MHz (typical)
Out-of-Band Rejection
Band Edges ± 50 MHz:15 dB (typical)
Band Edges ± 100 MHz:25 dB (typical)
LNA Gain
Upper Passband:34 dB (typical)
Lower Passband:38 dB (typical)
Gain at Zenith (90°)
L1/B1/E1/G1/L-Band:+4.0 dBic (minimum)
L2/G2:+4.0 dBic (minimum)
G3/E5/B2:+3.5 dBic (minimum)
L5:+2.5 dBic (minimum)
L6/E6/B3:+1.0 dBic (minimum)
Gain Roll-Off (Zenith to Horizon)
Upper Passband:12 dB (typical)
Lower Passband:13 dB (typical)
Phase Centre Stability:<5.0 mm
Noise Figure:2.5 dB (typical)
VSWR:<eq;2.0 (typical)
L1-L2 Differential Propagation Delay:7 ns (maximum)
Group Delay Ripple:<15 ns
Nominal Impedance:50 Ω
Dimensions:127 mm (D) × 24.5 mm (H)
Weight:134 g
Cable and Connector:20.0 cm RG178 with right-angle MCX, 27.8 cm RG178 with right-angle MMCX
Input Voltage:+3.3 to +18.0 VDC
Current:20 mA (typical)
Operating Temperature:-40°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature:-55°C to +85°C
Humidity:95% non-condensing
Random Operating Vibration:MIL-STD-810G(CH1), 514.7 (15 g) Annex E, Procedure 1, Category 24
Shock:MIL-STD-810G (CH1), 516.7 (40 g), Procedure 1
Bump:IEC 68-2-27 Ea (25 g)
Compliance:Designed to meet FCC, ISED, CE


NovAtel products come with a one-year warranty. The warranty, provided by NovAtel, covers any product which does not materially conform to NovAtel’s specifications or that is significantly defective in materials or workmanship, for a period of 12 months from the date of shipment. Accessories come with a similar 90-day warranty. NovAtel’s Extended Warranty Program provides the option to increase the duration of the warranty by an additional 12 or 24 months. The warranty is covered in more detail in the NovAtel Warranty and Return Policies page.

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