Waypoint Inertial Explorer

Waypoint Inertial Explorer

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Expands on the powerful features of GrafNav by adding support for loosely coupled and tightly coupled GNSS/INS processing.



Waypoint Inertial Explorer post-processing software is ideal for applications that require precise positioning information and do not require the information in real time. The software is capable of processing the data forwards and backwards in time, which maximizes the precision and reliability of the information. Inertial Explorer also supports techniques such as backwards smoothing can be used to remove up to 95% of errors in position that is caused by GNSS signal failure. It has access to more than 50 quality control plots to ensure the accuracy of the information.

The Inertial Explorer software comes with a New Project Wizard that allows users to create a project easily. The wizard is capable of detecting the processing environment such as ground, aerial and marine, and processing the data with the appropriate setting.

The software also supports advanced features such as automatic ZUPT detection and automated alignment to achieve highest accuracy. In addition, the Inertial Explorer software supports multiple base stations for large project areas. It also supports PPP (Precise Point Positioning) for applications that do not need a base station.

Furthermore, data from a wide range of GNSS products, including NovAtels SPAN GNSS + INS products, can be imported into the Inertial Explorer software. The software can export the results to a wide variety of formats.


  • Deliver highly accurate positioning information
  • New Project Wizard for simple project setup
  • Support multiple base stations
  • PPP (Precise Point Positioning) processing
  • Forwards and backwards processing
  • Support advanced technique such as backwards smoothing to reduce errors
  • Can be integrated with NovAtels GNSS/INS products easily
  • Support both tightly coupled mode and loosely coupled mode of GNSS/IMU processing


Inertial Explorer SDK

Inertial Explorer SDK (Software Developers Kit) is a suite of tools that can be used standalone or embedded for GNSS/INS post-processing in enterprise software or processing workflow.


For further information on Waypoint Inertial Explorer post-processing software, please use the Request Pricing form to contact Canal Geomatics.